Guwahati: Thieves Strike Beekay Tower in Guwahati, Plunder Four Businesses Near Dispur Police Station

Darkness Conceals Night Robbery as Stores Lose Lakhs Worth of Goods
Guwahati: Thieves Strike Beekay Tower in Guwahati, Plunder Four Businesses Near Dispur Police Station

GUWAHATI: In a recent robbery incident thieves targeted the bustling commercial hub of Beekay Tower at Ganeshguri in Guwahati, just a stone's throw away from the Dispur Police Station. The nefarious incident, involving the plundering of four business establishments, came to light on Wednesday morning when owners and authorities discovered the aftermath of the overnight theft in the central part of the city.

Surveillance footage caught the daring thieves in action as they ransacked shops in the Beekay Tower complex, making off with goods worth millions. The businesses targeted included two clothing stores, a cosmetics store and a gas station, all of which fell into clandestine operations under the cover of darkness.

Famous for having a collection of businesses, Beekay Tower is now bearing the brunt of this criminal haven, leaving owners and locals in shock Its proximity to Dispur police station adds an element of amusement to the audacity of thieves, who can be killed the system is just steps away from law enforcement.

An investigation has been launched immediately into the circumstances surrounding the theft. Authorities are working to identify the culprits and determine the exact value of the looted items. Affected private business owners are also helping with the ongoing investigation, providing important information to support law enforcement efforts. The targeted businesses are now left to assess where the biggest losses are and what impact they will have on their operations. The local residents are also concerned about security concerns and the audacity of such criminal activities in close proximity to the Dispur police station.

As the investigation continues, residents and business owners in the Ganeshguri area are anxiously awaiting more information. The incident is a stark reminder of the challenges businesses face in maintaining security and ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of shopping centers and other primary complexes in town centres.

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