Guwahati: Transgender Community in Guwahati Organizes Rally to Welcome Lord Ram

Guwahati's Inclusive Celebration Adds Vibrancy to Ram Mandir Event
Guwahati: Transgender Community in Guwahati Organizes Rally to Welcome Lord Ram

GUWAHATI: Guwahati, along with the entire state of Assam, is ablaze in saffron hues as the nation eagerly anticipates the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya. As devotees flood Ayodhya to witness this historic occasion, an unexpected and heartening gesture is set to unfold in Guwahati.

In a unique move, Guwahati's transgender community plans to hold a celebratory rally to weave through Adabari to Jalukbari police station on Monday, January 22. This show of support and inclusion adds something special to the entire state the celebrations of the dedication of the Ram Mandir.

Preparations for Prana Pratishtha have been underway in the country, with Ayodhya positioned as a global focus. Unable to contain their excitement, the devotees gathered at the main gate of the Ram temple since early morning. Stringent security measures, however, allow limited access, limiting participation to this historic event to invited guests only.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Assam to Maharashtra, saints and religious leaders converge on Ayodhya to devoutly sing the hymns of Lord Ram. Members of the RSS family from Assam reached Ayodhya to be part of this mega event even though they were honored with invitations. The sense of unity is once again evident in Assam as people from all faiths celebrate together. Navharijan Colony in Fatasil Ambari has set up a huge screen for the live broadcast of Prana Pratishtha, ensuring that everyone can witness this important event.

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