Nagaland: Longleng Gears Up for Republic Day with Mass Social Work on January 24

District Administration Calls Upon Residents, Businesses and Institutions to participate
Nagaland: Longleng Gears Up for Republic Day with Mass Social Work on January 24

NAGALAND: In the run-up to the upcoming Republic Day, the Longleng district administration has issued a notification calling for a major social action action plan scheduled for January 24, 2024. The action is aimed at creating responsibility working together to keep the city beautiful and clean to create a healthy environment. The district administrator, Longleng formally announced details of the event, which is scheduled to take place from 6:00 am to 9:00 am. Offices, businesses and all citizens living in Longleng were urged to actively participate in this community efforts.

As part of the guidelines, businesses have been directed to whitewash their shops and close them until the collective social work is completed. Residents of Longleng have been specifically directed to carry out maintenance of their dwellings, compounds, drains and roads in their wards and colonies.

The residents are encouraged to collect garbage and other collectives from the side of the road and then dispose of it by truck, to ensure public areas are properly cleaned up. The cooperation of every citizen is considered crucial to the success of this community the driven initiative. Departments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), wards, educational institutions, civic organizations and professional agencies received legitimate requests for active participation in civic and social work.

These joint efforts are expected to make a positive impact and a displinary move, create a sense of civic pride and prepare the city for the Republic Day celebrations in the nation. The district administration first thanks for the cooperation of all stakeholders and emphasizes the importance of such community-driven efforts in a clean, vibrant and cohesive Longleng plant. As the sun rises on January 24, Longleng in the state of Nagaland looks forward to change as its residents prepare to celebrate Republic Day on 26th of January by joining hands to show community spirit.

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