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Letters to THE EDITOR

In the age of information technology, there have been frequent complaints regarding increase in the use of mobiles, internet etc.,

Letters to THE EDITOR

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  2020-10-11T08:00:32+05:30

Misuse of mobile

In the age of information technology, there have been frequent complaints regarding increase in the use of mobiles, internet etc., have been killing the students' precious time of their academic life. But, instead of complaints, students should also be explained in detail about the proper use of mobiles, internet etc., in educational institutions and the harm it may cause. In this case voluntary organizations can help educational institutions. In addition, some other people in society have misused mobile, internet etc., and created a sick atmosphere in society. The Police is currently looking after those people but we can expect a healthy society only if citizens take responsibility to inform the police of such people.

Dr. Buljit Buragohain,

Principal, GIHM, Guwahati.

Fearless reporting

With the ongoing cases of media trials, a lot of blacklash have been received by various journalists and media houses. However, with a new dawn, Tanushree Pandey's fearless reporting on alleged Hathras gang rape incident, have somehow been able to earn respect in the eyes of the people. A reporter from Uttar Pradesh, working with India Today Group, through her endless effort and reporting brought into light the alleged gang rape incident. She has been successful in challenging the administration and UP police's unacceptable work in covering up the same.

After a very brief period, Indian journalism has seen this height of dedication, boldness and fearless attitude. Her professionalism towards work will surely give wings to the budding reporters, how to hold one's ground and carry their responsibilities with full confidence, dignity and courage. She has led an example. Pandey's hard work in covering the issue and bringing forth to the public in the night of hours, is really something to appreciate and applaud for. I hope this spark of journalism will flourish in every journalist in every possible way. And, I would also urge our journalists to continue their unparalleled responsibility to this nation.

Kaushik Kachari,

Titabar, Jorhat.

'Aya Ram Gaya Ram'

The often used term 'Aya Ram Gaya Ram' in Indian politics means frequent floor crossing by the leaders of different political parties generally at the time of polls. Such breed of politicians we detest immensely. With the advent of election season in the state we have noticed this particular breed of politicians getting active and switching party for their personal benefits ignoring little about the ideology or principles of the new party. They just pretend themselves to be like sage and criticize the old party like anything and suddenly start to sing praises for the new party. Interestingly, if one observes keenly the same person maybe a few weeks back can be seen scolding the 'new party' while he/she was in the old party. It is also seen that these 'Aya Ram Gaya Ram' people are getting full media attention, which I feel is simply waste of time and energy. It's my humble request to the media fraternity to ignore these spineless creatures and in fact highlight people like Rwisumwi Basumatary (the lady constable who returned a wallet with cash of Rs. 20000 lying on the road to the rightful owner while she was on duty), to just name a few. People like Mrs. Basumatary and all create a positive vibe in the society and also at the same the act as role model for the upcoming generations.

Lanu Dutta Chowdhury,

GNB Road, Assam.

Silence is no longer an option

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw your attention towards day to day heinous crime.

Crime rates have varied over time with a sharp rise. It's not a surprise that all this horrific cases are mostly against women.

Centuries over centuries to till now, do women really feel safe to live a normal life? This fear has risen and highlights the deterioration of law and order in India. There is a speedy need of strict laws and orders.

It's heartbreaking to say that law keepers raising law breakers - the recent UP Hathras case is an example of this. If you are born as women in India, you are unsafe from the moment you are born. Crimes show no sign of stopping, even in a pandemic of COVID-19 situation. Everyday some new cases of crimes bring report. We even don't know how many crimes are lying unreported.

Earlier it was just a saying for women to stay home and not venture out onto the streets at late night for fear of losing their lives, but now this has become a threat to every woman's life. Benjamin Franklin once said that- "Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are". One could not agree more to it.

People who are in power is playing their own game of image management - close the cases without giving justice, blackmailing, becoming puppets of leaders, allegation, what can be said anything more?

People face harsh consequences for speaking the truth and raising voice against odds prevailing in the society. This raises questions in our mind; do we really have the freedom of speech? Raising voice for the right were called as anti-national, framed into wrong and put behind the bars. Is this our democratic India where voices were being suppressed for speaking the right against those with powers? Rape is not just a case through which people are suffering. There are number of other suicidal cases, corruption cases, unemployment cases etc. Building of Rs 3,000 crore statue when we have inflation and unemployment is inexcusable. Day by day problems are rising, not solving. Punishment is necessary and need to be carried out as soon as possible. Wrongdoer needs to suffer and it will discourage other from doing the same offence. Better policing and community service for every citizen are the need of the hour. But what is the root cause of crime? We need to educate people about sex education, humanity and kindness. Need to talk about the things that matter. Understanding is vital to know why cases are increasing.

Zakia Jainab,


Uncertainty of admissions

Sir, through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the attention about the uncertainty of students getting admissions in their desired courses in colleges due to high rising of cut off percentage. Nowadays, we all are aware that how every year the cut off percentage of various subjects according to merit are rising in renowned colleges. After passing the XII Board exams many students are facing this problem especially in the undergraduate courses.

It is becoming very difficult for the average scoring students to get admission in colleges and a course of one's choice. This in turn leads to stress, pressure, discouragement and frustration among students and it may provoke them to take bad decisions and can affect the students' career in the future.

In this issue the government should take measures or plan some other process for these students as an alternative to this strict system of selection in education.

Gaurangi Gogoi,


People's negligence towards safety protocols

Through the columns of your esteemed daily I would like to throw some light regarding people's negligence towards following the safety protocols of COVID-19.

Even after months of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people are still not following the safety protocols effectively to curb the flow of the virus. Social distancing, wearing a proper mask, spitting openly in public areas, self sanitization etc, all these safety norms are not being followed appropriately by a large section of people. Many people are often seen roaming about in public places with not even a mask on – or completely disregarding the purpose of the mask by wearing it below their nose and mouth. By doing so they are not only being a hazard to their own selves, but also others, if the person is unknowingly a carrier of the virus.

Recently I went to the market to buy household stuff. On carefully visualizing and roughly estimating, about one third of the people present in the market place was either without a mask or was not wearing it properly. There was a complete rush and not even a single individual was maintaining social distance. If people go on behaving like this, the rising cases of the COVID-19 will not fall anytime soon. Thus it's an earnest request to everyone to follow the safety protocols that the government has assigned and maintain proper hygiene.

Syed Nadir Raihan,


SHG products e-sell

The Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Karnataka are now able to sell their products through the world's leading e-retailer Amazon on its digital platform. Most of the SHGs run by women are engaged in producing a variety of products and offering diverse services to the masses across the country. Karnataka's Deputy CM, C.N. Ashwath Narayan said that if the products and services of the SHGs are boosted and sold online across the country, their promoters will benefit immensely. This is a commendable move towards Digital India and will create more jobs by helping domestic businesses go global.

Amit Singh Kushwaha,

Satna (M.P.)

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