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Unpardonable crime: Letters to The Editor

Unpardonable crime

Unpardonable crime: Letters to The Editor

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Unpardonable crime

The attack on a duty doctor at Udali in the Hojai district should raise the eyebrows of the people. Udali (Lanka) is allegedly full of Bangladeshi infiltrators. The place is a hotbed of people allegedly involved in poaching, lootings, drug peddling, etc. The audacity with which these people took law on their hands that too on a son of the soil is alarming. They have become fearless because they know big forces (Congress, AIUDF, Leftists, intellectuals, AAMSU, Raijor Dol, TMC, Asauddinn Owaisi, etc) are behind them. The young doctor was bashed up due to no fault of his, but thankfully everything was recorded on the mobile phone otherwise the mob would have played the victim card and the entire brigade mentioned above would have bumped over police and the government. The brigade would have blamed everything on PM Modi calling it his conspiracy to defame them.

Through your esteemed daily, I being a son of the soil, beg before Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma that this time no mercy or leniency should be shown to them. The culprits must be punished sternly.

Pratap Dutta,


Is it black marketing?

In the recent month or so it was observed that there is an acute shortage of anti-COVID vaccine in the country for the age group of 18-45 years. Many government vaccination sites were closed due to the shortage. Now suddenly the authority concerned via official statement informed the public that vaccine would be available in the coming two to three days in many private nursing homes and clinics along with the regular government registered sites. What is baffling is that the price per dose of vaccine has been increased from Rs 250 earlier to Rs 900. That's a pretty big jump. Apart from that in Guwahati, the vaccines would be made available in some expensive nursing homes and clinics. I believe it is nothing but simply black-marketing by the authority concerned.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,


Safety of our health workers

The Indian Medical Association has projected a shocking report about the death of 20 doctors daily due to COVID-19. This worrisome situation should be urgently tackled by the National Medical Commission which is an authority to ensure that necessary infrastructure required for safe medical practices during COVID-19 is provided to all doctors, nurses and other frontline workers. There should be no hesitancy among the medical staff to get themselves all necessary precautions.

Chandan Kumar Nath,


Student-friendly move

The Central Government's move to cancel the CBSE's class 12 Board examinations is a big relief for students, parents, and teachers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the decision has been made in the interest of students. COVID-19 seems to have an impact on the academic calendar, and the issue of Board Exams has caused significant worry among students, parents, and educators, which needs to be addressed. Our children's health and safety are the greatest priority to us, so we can make no compromise in this regard. The results will now be prepared fairly and efficiently, based on well-defined criteria. Stakeholders must be sensitive to students and give them appropriate opportunities to advance their professions.

Amit Singh Kushwaha,

Satna (M.P.)

Attack on doctor

The attack on a doctor who was on duty in a COVID centre somewhere in Lanka is condemnable. In this period, the doctors are doing a yeoman's service to the society and any attack on the fraternity is unacceptable. The spine-chilling video which got viral on social media exposed how inhuman those perpetrators can be. The attack on health workers during the COVID time might have happened for the first time in Assam, but in the rest of the country, numerous cases are starting from the first wave in 2020. In recent years, Assam has witnessed the brutality of such people when the entire Guwahati was destroyed by them during the CAA movement. Where are the 'intellectuals who are the supporters and sympathizers of these people? This is an attack on those indigenous people who have vouched for the Badruddin Ajmal and Congress alliance. Not a single condemnation word came from Congress legislators and MPs (after a while they would shed crocodile tears). Where are the 'CAA birodhi' forces who jumped onto the streets fearing backlash from Hindu Bengalis if they are granted citizenship? Where are the mushroom Anchalik and Jatiyo Sangathans, mainly the AASU?

The incident of physical assault on an on-duty doctor shouldn't be considered a small incident. There is a much broader game plan by such people. We have all witnessed what happened in West Bengal. There too the culprits were allegedly from Bangladesh who have crossed illegally into the State and jumped directly under the umbrella under of the Trinamool Congress.

Julie Bhuyan,


Postal cash-receipts

Presently the Postal Department issues computer-printed receipts where the portion used by Postal Department has a sticker while the portion given to the consumer is without a sticker. The Postal Department for the convenience of users of postal services should have sticker also in the portion given to the consumers so that they may not require gum at their end to affix it on their dispatch registers or documents. It will be a benefit to the public exchequer by avoiding man-hours and gum to paste postal cash receipts on their dispatch registers.

The Postal Department will not be burdened extra because even presently one of the dual portions of the same cash receipt still has a sticker on the back for the portion kept by the Department of Posts itself. Rather ultimately it may be economical and convenient to print computer stationery for issuing postal cash receipts if the sticker is there on the complete dual portion of cash receipts rather than on a single portion only.

Madhu Agrawal,


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