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Feminism falsetto and sadistic misogyny …A Slip between the Lip and the Cup!

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  29 May 2016 12:00 AM GMT

By Kangka Goswami

We cringed at our ancestors, and condemned and classified their minds as being more cynical towards the concept of human rights , while we tried to prepare the society and politics towards a welfare administrative orientation, distilled from the intense concept of a police state. We made inflexible efforts to carve out a caricature of Justice and Judiciary stratified from the stereotypes of ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ approach and patted ourselves with a feeling of content for having established civilization. We diluted gender ideas, and bought ourselves high heels embedded with studs of that confident poise, empowerment, esteem and assurance , far away from the ground realities of mess and mud.And then the paradoxical reality retaliated , and we fell facedown to the ground only to realize that all this was in vain. That the hullabaloo of humane hegemony is confined to the dog eared documents of lengthy discussion and we still stand on the Caracas of our cupid dreams.

Yes!, To our utter disappointment, this is how the story unfolds as our knee wrenches to the bells of deadliest forms of ‘barbarism’ as fresh new forms of misogynistic vengeance .A mentioning of the battered and butchered Nirbhaya in 2012 will just be a repetition of the long discussed debate, but the barbarism repeats in itself in the form of some Jisha, some Seema and some Nisha here in Assam leading to a continued list of continued distress .A frowned foray into the morning news in our comfortable couch coffins the luxury of a cuddling cuppa of aromatic tea when we find out that a new mode of accepting death could be excessive bleeding due to over bleeding of mutilated genitals . Over 30 stab injuries,use of sharp weapon to extract intestines, chest pierced by a double-edged dagger ,severe injury inflicted on head leading to death and brutal torture and sexually assault before being murdered...This is what Perumbavoor, in Erkulam district of Kerela woke up to on the morning of 29th April 2016 ,introducing Jisha.And in the time of growing pedophilic practices where a new born baby can be a source of sanction to the sadistic perversion, this is just a scratch on the bag of brutality.

Historical teleology provided evidence to the concept of ‘sadomasochism’ which is a portmanteau of ‘sadist’ and ‘masochism’ depicting extreme forms of debauchery where women was used and abused as a commodity of luxury and lust.And not just this. A sneak peak into the war crimes and practices of zism hints towards the most unbelievable theories of using women to vent out anger, aggravation and exasperation. The gender ideas of women being comparatively weak, delicate and subtle catered to the idea of them being a piece for pleasure to the strong man who looked down to them as having only sultry significance. The classic examples of Extreme cinema based on stories and myths of ancient times which attempted to picture the unsettling torture and torment meted out on women ,some owing to age old unreasoble cultures and some to war practices, are intensely difficult for the viewer to sit through.Movies like Cannibal Holocaust, I spit on your Grave, A house on the left,Chaos and the infamous Indian ‘real life masterpiece ‘ ‘Bandit Queen’ only have their takeaways as big uncomfortable pits on your stomach .One can only wonder the insane psyche involved with the very thought of inflicting that amount of pain and pang to some living.However the very next thought of having to bear the burden of believing it to be true and still existent is more heart wrenching. To help you with a quick reference, female genital mutilation (FGM),is a practice still prevalent in some parts of Europe and Egypt that serves as a social and cultural bonding exercise and, among those who are stitched up, to ensure that chastity can be proved to a future husband.According to the gruesome usage, even girls who suffer less extreme forms of FGM are unlikely to be promiscuous. Hold on, for I will tell you something more weird! Very recently a television show in Saudi Arabia trained husbands on how to beat up wives, to bend them mentally towards becoming more and more subservient. And then the list can never be so short,to let you heave a sigh of relief with a thought that there can be exceptions or with the second thought of being so iccessible to such parameter of barbarism. This is how the cookies crumbles for us in this part of the world when all of a sudden we are made to witness new and extreme trends of crime against women in this land of Goddess worshiping. A rape or a murder story now is not just neat,simple or plain but is rather stained by stories of multiple throat slashing, flesh ripping or live burning. Its horrendous to read and feel the amount of time and tactics used by the protagonist now to torture a women,where they perform crimil innovations , sometimes by rod insertion into the genitals and sometimes by poking off the eyes of the victims to avoid identification. And such intellectually artistic can be a crime, that the human demon distorts the face of the dead body or some times severes the body into chicken pieces only to minimize the chances of immediate identification .Instances like these and more are now no more just imagiry Hollywood movies to pop corns over, but are real life confrontations drawing serious attention. From deadly acid attacks to anguishing persecutions, every bit of it screams vengeance, frustration,sadism, grudge or some kind of strong urge to domite , over power,abuse or shame.

A few opine this mens rhea be a retaliation to growing feminism , some to outspoken feminism, and some to outrageous feminism.Some however call it a desperate masculine ego, uble to digest the voice and valor of the age old ‘’previously so meek and submissive’ ,veiled , head bowed down kitchen mistress. This ‘so be it’ matter has now propagated beyond acceptable dimensions and has retaliated in a way fatal to humane psychology and coexistence. The Four fold issue with in-proportiote legal mitigation inclining to concepts of human rights and welfare state, imposing least painful punishment (lifer or hanging)as an award for committing dreadfully inhuman crime (piercing a living persons genitals with a double edged weapon and extracting out the intestine), sadistic reciprocation to the misunderstood, or in certain cases overstated concept of women empowerment (eg: misuse of sec 498A of the IPC), arrogant and egoistic approach to the concept of gender equality, and the need for the oppressed to keep moving on amongst all odds , all these in a nutshell has gone haywire ,camouflaged into an unpleasant picture for women safety in specific and social health at large.Women empowerment in contrast to masculine throw back, Justice in contrast to Human Rights and the obsessive egoistic rejection in contrast to the force for acceptance has brought about downright savage and all that is straightaway evident is the Slip between the lip and the cup!

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