Human resource generation or dejected population ?

A prime issue in the country is human resource development with proper exploitation of potent man power and Indian Government is taking numerous steps and strategies to build up better human resource and skillful as well as competent youth. But the unemployment scerio of the country is devastating day by day which made us think on how the educated youths could be engaged and involved in appropriate jobs in a highly populous country like India. Today the ratio between job sector availability and job seeker are highly disproportiote and major sufferers are the educated youths. Less need but more production phenomenon in economics, which is being reflected in current job scerio and resulting in ippropriate molding and motivation of  unemployed educated youths, resulting in wastage of valuable time and dedication of students in a particular field for years, especially in correct academic dymics.  After more than 68 years of independence of the country, the unbalanced economy prevails and there lies a huge difference between income of a parliamentary member and a tea leaf plucker or farmer from North East India.
Lets us consider the agriculture sector and farming community of India. The agriculture part in India is mostly affected and it is more often that farmers are still deprived of their actual value for their agricultural production or output and there lies a huge difference in local production rate they get and market rate. It is very unfortute that in states like Assam, the same scerio exists and farmers are committing suicide due to their worse fincial situations. It is thought provoking as the trend indicates that educated youths are not at all interested in involving in agriculture/farming practice. The reason may be indecent scientific planning, technology accessibility and productive policies and projects with government funding. The question arises, if our government is able to project proper agricultural policies and schemes or the vision plan to make each and every farmer feel fincially secured. The steps for strong motivation and orientation of educated youths to Indian agriculture sector by government could also fill up the gap of job insufficiencies. But it is seen that educated youths are mostly engaged in private companies and private institutions at a very negligible amount of pay scale lacking job satisfaction and sometimes with no scope of utilization their creative minds. We sense the gripping insecurity and job uvailability in the state therefore recent trend in Assam also portrays that a majority youths from villages are going out from Assam and NE region to other states and ultimately ended up with taking job of minimum salaried security gourds, market vendors and private company career.
 It is so disgusting that brilliant Indian youths with sparkling academic records are paid Rs 3000/- to 5000/- per month in most of the private companies, schools, colleges, institutions etc.  It is also mentioble that the pay scales and salaries of the faculties among all the private schools and colleges vary significantly, as well as the student fees. There is no concrete step from government for providing margil or fixed paid salaries for utilizing manpower as well as no restrictions of fee structure for students with poor fincial backgrounds, demonstrating a obvious depiction of exploitation. It seems that there is misuse of qualified youths by paying lesser amount of salaries by most of these private companies, schools, colleges institutions, in spite of the heavy sum of fees they receive from the students. Apart from lesser salaries, it is also seen that the recruited faculties have to work for several hours beyond their working schedule without any pay for their overtime duties. So question arises like, do our man power utilized properly? Is there proper orientation and execution of country’s human resource? Do our educated and skilled human resource ended up with satisfactory job proposals and projects? Does this population boom reflect in proper human resource generation or is it just dejected pollution? We intend serious and concrete actions against these anomalies from government and lets not spoil our incomparable potent human resource with competent creative mind, who should not deserve inferior job status. The exploitation of man power by various private sector companies and institutions should be stopped immediately. We sincerely intend our government to initiate solid policies to provide proper job prospects to at least one educated youth or member for each of the families and lets bring and uplift the agricultural and farming green evolution to a level that Indian youth could dream to contribute and involve in farming practice in a more scientific manner. Every farmer in the country should have enhanced monetary security and steer clear of the fear of exploitation by middle man and brokers by getting the proper value of their farming output. Concrete policies for farmers by government and proper farming practices with knowledge, information and training from esteemed universities, research Institutes like IITs, ICARS (Indian Council of Agricultural Research), ICRISAT (Indian Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics), IARI (Indian Agricultural Research Institute) ,CPCRI (Central Plantation Crops Research Institute etc, our farmers could certainly equipped with essential scientific knowledge as well as awareness and will surely have the prestige they deserve for upliftment of our country’s economy by a victorious green revolution and agricultural output
(Author is Former Inspire Fellow, Department of Science and Technology Govt. of India, Ph- 9864108070, Email

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