Garmin India Releases New Travel Anthem Sung By Shillong-Based Musical Band 'Khasi Bloodz'

The new title track 'Unleash Your Outdoor Spirit' sung by Khasi Bloodz was introduced by Garmin India in celebration of the success of their digital campaign 'Open the Door to the World'.
Source: Google

Source: Google

New Delhi: In celebration of the success of their digital campaign called 'Open the Door to the World', a new title track has been introduced by Garmin India called 'Unleash Your Outdoor Spirit'. Garmin India is a unit of Garmin Ltd. which delivers "innovative GPS technology across diverse markets, including aviation, marine, fitness, outdoor recreation, tracking and mobile app."

The new title track 'Unleash Your Outdoor Spirit' has been sung by Khasi Bloodz, which is a popular musical band based in Shillong and "highlights the essence of outdoor travelling" with the assistance of the new Garmin adventure series.

The band Khasi Bloodz has been credited for conceptualizing the song which raises a toast to the idea of getting back on one's feet despite the hardships faced during the pandemic along with the concept of outdoor travelling. 

The main focus of the song is to express how an individual can pursue their passion achieve their fitness and travel goals with the help of Garmin devices. 

Several characters are featured in the song such as a dancer, fitness enthusiast, rock climber and cyclist who follow their passion despite the challenges. 

Garmin India's digital campaign 'Open the Door to The World' is based on the underlying belief that there is a unique door meant for each person. For this reason, the campaign gained immense popularity among adventure seekers who had a spirit for travelling.

The director of Garmin India, Ali Rizvi, said, "Our outdoor digital campaign has received good traction and success by the adventure seeker exhibiting their desires for travel. The mass vaccination and reduced COVID-19 cases have infused confidence in people, and they are travelling for relaxation and taking a break from their daily routine. The song pays respect to all those who are overcoming their challenges every single day and bouncing back towards the road of positivity with their undying spirit and passion towards outdoor adventures."

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