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Academy Bans Will Smith From Oscars For 10 Years For Slapping Chris Rock On Stage

The academy after a meeting with the governor's board issued a statement informing that Will Smith is banned from Oscars and other academy awards for 10 years for slapping Chris Rock.

Academy Bans Will Smith From Oscars For 10 Years For Slapping Chris Rock On Stage

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American actor Will Smith has recently made headlines for his aggressive actions at the 94th Academy Awards where he went on to the stage to slap comedian Chris Rock.

Both the actor and the comedian became the topic of discussion for the slap controversy that started on the eve of Oscars 2022 held in Los Angeles Dolby Theatre on 28 March.

Following the slap, the academy took the major decision as it banned Will Smith from Oscars and other academy awards for 10 years.

The governor's board of the academy held a meeting recently in their concern over responding to Smith's action in the show and discusses the matter deeply. The decision to ban Smith from attending any academy show comes after the board's meeting.

In a statement issued by the academy, it mentioned that the Oscars is organized to celebrate the success of several individuals who did incredible and remarkable works in their field during the past year but the great moment was overshadowed by the harmful and unacceptable act by Smith on stage.

In the previous week, the actor stepped down from the academy prior to the board's meeting and told that he will accept any punishment from the academy.

Later Smith also issued a statement saying that he accepts and respects the decision taken by the academy on this matter.

In its failure to handle the situation, the academy issued an apology statement and allows Smith to stay and accept the Oscars Best Actor Award that he received for his acting in the sports drama 'King Richar' directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green.

The academy in the apology statement wrote that it did not adequately deal with the situation at the time of the Oscars telecast and therefore it apologizes.

It further added that it was the opportunity to set an example for the viewers, guests and Oscars global family but the academy failed to do so being unprepared for the unprecedented.

The academy in its statement added that Smith was asked to leave the ceremony after his rude behavior against Rock but it is still unclear how he was asked to leave as many reports claim he was not formally told to leave the theatre.

According to some reports, Oscar Producer Will Packer on the Oscars night told Smith that officially they don't want him to leave rather they would like it if he stays.

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