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National Conference on Ayurvedic Surgery Held In Guwahati



GUWAHATI: The Shalyacon 2019, a national conference cum preconference workshop will be conducted with a three days long programme from September 13 to 15 by the department of Shalyatantra Government Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Jalukbari, here in the city, in association with National Shusruta Association, India at the college premises.

The theme of programme will be ‘Relevance of the concept of Shusruta in the modern era of Surgical Practice’ followed by a workshop on ‘Surgical and Para-Surgical Procedures’. Around 30 resource persons and 200 delegates from renowned colleges and universities across India, who will grace as invited guests are expected to deliver keynote addresses and lectures on the theme. The seminar endeavors to converse under one sky, all distinguished surgeons from both ayurveda and modern medical science, along with giving thrusts on utilities of various surgical concepts of Shusruta, who is regarded as the father of surgery, coupled with demystifying and exploring Ayurveda. On September 13, a one-day workshop will be organized for demonstration of following surgical cases like Ksharsutra therapy in fistula, surgical and para-surgical procedure of haemorrids, lipoma, fibroadenoma, sebaceous cysts, hernia, grafting, burn management, etc. The occasion is expected to throw light on Shusruta Samhita in wound care along with the experimental surgical models, surgical innovation and ideas on the basis of Ayurvedic concept.


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