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Are you allergic? Here are some home remedies that works wonders

You know that most effective remedy to stay away from allergy is, just avoid allergen.

home remedies for allergy

Are you allergic? Here are some home remedies that works wonders

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Allergies can be quite annoying and frustrating. When the immune system encounters something foreign that does not affect others, that is when the allergen says hello to you and makes you uncomfortable. Basically, when you breathe pollen particle which is present in the air, it's a threat to your body and the occurrence of seasonal allergies.

Pollens can be of various types varying with the climate and area. Different people respond in different ways to different allergies and some stay completely unaffected. If you are facing allergic reactions, it is important that you recognize your allergen. And the best way to stay away from allergy is to avoid your allergen i.e. the thing you're allergic to.

Below are some of the symptoms:

Allergic symptoms are mostly the same no matter who is allergic to what. They are:

1. Sneezing

2. Coughing

3. Having water-filled itchy eyes

4. Runny nose

5. Itchy throat

Pollen allergies are sometimes very disturbing to deal with. Hence there are subtle home remedies for allergy and seasonal allergies treatment.

In this article, you'll be enlightened about certain home remedies to fight allergies.

1. Herbal Tea – There are various herbal combinations of teas that contain anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce allergic reactions.

2. Nasal Irritation – Use any nasal spray that will help to clean any pollen particle inside your nose to be relieved from sneezing and runny nose.

3. Herbal Supplements – Herbal pills enriched with Allium can be very helpful.

4. Honey – honey can be the best ingredient to obviate allergic symptoms.

5. Close Windows – In order to avoid your allergen, just keep your window close during allergic seasons.

6. HEPA Filters – HEPA filters can be of great help to filter out pollen particles surrounding you. So, just install it

7. Always change your Clothes –Always change your clothes and shoes as soon as you come from outside especially during the season.

8. Keep your bed sheets clean – Always wash your bedsheets, pillow cover with nice detergents and hot water so that there exists no pollen particles left.

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