Are you constipated? Here are some solutions and treatments

Constipation occurs when the large bowel is difficult to clean up. It happens due to food habits and lifestyle changes. Read this article to know more.
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Constipation occurs when there is difficulty in cleaning up the large bowel. It can be resolved by certain home remedies and changes in lifestyle but sometimes, medical care is needed.

It occurs for various reasons like the gradual passing of stools through the colon. It is said that if you pass the stool less than three times a week, you may suffer from constipation. Usually, it might cause the reason for deficiency of water and fibre in the body. But you will need medical aid when it blocks the large intestine.

Continue reading this article if one is facing similar issues and have knowledge about the several causes, symptoms, and treatments for constipation.

What are the symptoms?

The primary and usual signs of constipation are:

• Difficulty in pooping

• Intense strain while passing stool

• the quantity of stool has decreased

• dry and hard stools

• abdomen pain

• bloated

• nausea

• not feeling hungry

What are the complications?

Constipation is not a grievous problem but it may have several complications if it is not taken seriously.

Severe constipation causes:

Rectal bleeding

Anal fissure,

Symptomatic hemorrhoids (piles),

Fecal impaction,

What are the causes?

Below are some of the factors relating to constipation:

1. Deficiency of fibre:

Fibre is quite helpful in regular bowel movement, especially when combined with water.

The food with high fibre:

Whole grains


Lentils, chickpeas, and other legumes

2. Lack of working out:

Studies have found that people who work out regularly can have less possibility of constipation as compared to those who are lazy and are mostly inactive.

3. Certain medications:

Certain medication can result in constipation like iron supplements, antacids that contains aluminum and calcium, opioid pain relief medicines etc.

4. Irritable bowel syndromes:

People facing intestinal difficulty like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) might face a higher chance of it. This condition leads to fluctuation of irregularity with time.

5. Aging:

Older people have a high chance to experience constipation maybe because of inactivity or slow digestive mechanism or maybe because of certain kinds of medications.

6. Routine changes:

When there occurs a slight change in your regular schedule then, you might feel constipated especially while traveling, there occur some changes in your regular schedule. So, this may make you constipated.

7. Over consumption of laxatives:

Some people depend on laxatives because they just believe that they might not be using the bathroom regularly. But overuse of it can be harmful and can result in irregularity if you stop taking it.

8. Lack of drinking sufficient water:

People who do not drink adequate water can have the highest chance of having constipation and it may also affect your health.

Treatments for constipation:

Consumption of laxatives can be a severe constipation treatment but with a doctor's advice. If certain remedies for it did not work well, then opt for laxatives.

In severe cases, when laxatives too didn't function, then surgery has to be done.

• Consume high fibre foods

• Drink adequate water

• Work out regularly

• Try to maintain a daily schedule

• Pass stool regularly

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