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Why does muscle trembling(tremor) after workout? Reasons & Prevention Tips

Shaking after work out is quite normal but it is necessary to have an idea about what is normal and what is not. Read to know various reasons.

Why do you tremor after a workout?

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Shaking or muscle trembling after work out is quite normal. It's not something serious to shake after a rigorous workout. but it is necessary to have an idea about what is normal and what is not. This may happen because of multiple reasons. But you must have an idea to differentiate between what is normal and what isn't.

What Is Muscle Trembling?

There exist several cases when people constantly keep on shaking. These can be severe symptoms. So, do you experience shaky hands after exercise? Just observe any other symptoms as it has several reasons. Carefully observe your habits pre and post-workout.

Reasons for muscle trembling after exercise

To know various reasons for shaking after a workout and its preventions. This can also help you find out the reason. However, there exist various reasons for shaking after working out. They are...

1. Muscle Fatigue:

While doing exercise, the Central nervous system (CNS) zeal up the motor unit for the contraction of the muscle. When you exercise, your muscles undergo several changes as it contracts and relaxes depending on the intensity of working out. These changes can cause shaking.

If the CNS cannot move the muscles with full force then it may lead to muscle fatigue and shaking.

Here are the symptoms of muscle fatigue:

• weakness

• soreness

• low energy levels

2. Holding your muscle in the same position for a longer time:

Your muscles shake when you hold it in the same position for more time. This occurs because of the activation of the motor unit to function in full force. This leads to tremors. It usually happens when you plank or lift a heavy dumbbell.

3. Having Low blood sugar:

For fueling, your muscles use glucose. If you over work out, the glucose level starts depleting which can lead to lower blood sugar called hypoglycemia.

Signs & Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar:

1. fatigue

2. hunger

3. headache

4. dizziness

5. confusion

6. irritability

7. weakness

8. fast heartbeat

4. Dehydration:

When you workout being dehydrated then it can cause various complications like cramps, muscle twitch etc. when you work out you start sweating and the water level decreases in your body. So, drink sufficient water to balance the electrolyte level.

Other symptoms:

1. Fatigue

2. Feeling thirsty

3. Dark urine

4. Reduced urination

5. Headache

6. Dizziness

7. Weakness

8. Confusion

5. High caffeine consumption:

Some people have the habit of having coffee, sports drinks that contain caffeine and too much of consumption can cause tremor(muscle trembling) and especially have an impact upon your limbs and hands.

Other signs:

1. Fast heartbeat

2. Dizziness

3. Poor sleep

4. Nausea

5. Diarrhea

Ways to Prevent muscle trembling after workout

You can also take some measures to avoid this muscle trembling. This is what you can do:

• Increase workout intensity gradually: Just try to increment the intensity of working out steadily and gradually. Not all of a sudden.

• Have a pre-workout meal: Have adequate fuel before exercising. Consume a pre-workout meal before two to three hours.

• Limit caffeine: Limit caffeine consumption before working out.

• Warm-up: Warming up is a must before exercise. Have a few minutes of warm-up exercise to fuel up the muscles.

• Hydration is a must, always: You must drink a lot of water if you exercise as the water level decrease when you work out.

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