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Are you using the right toothbrush? Find out all you need to know about your toothbrush to maintain oral hygiene

The American Dental Association recommends changing toothbrush every three to four months of use.

Are you using the right toothbrush?

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A toothbrush is a must-have but there are a lot of things that you need to know about this simple and ordinary yet very important item that can actually make or mar not just your teeth and gums but your entire health.

These oral cleansers are rigorously used to clean the leftover food particles stuck in our teeth from our daily hogging. Without the help of a toothbrush, our oral health would have suffered greatly resulting in costly and painful surgeries and dental fixing.

The first toothbrushes are believed to have boar hair bristles with a bone or a bamboo handle to hold. Since then our humble toothbrushes have come a long way.

But like every daily material of use, a toothbrush has its expiry too. If a toothbrush is not replaced in time, it might cause more dental harm than good. Using a toothbrush with worn out bristles could lead to the quality of our teeth wearing out; the enamel on the teeth and the gums could face severe damage exposing sensitive root area.

The American Dental Association recommends changing toothbrush every three to four months of use. This is recommended to ensure the bristles are as effective as new ones and bacteria accumulation on the toothbrush is minimal.

Toothbrushes are made of nylon and rounded off to leave a soft edge to make it less abrasive on our teeth enamel and gum tissue. With time, the bristles return to their original sharp, jagged edges which cause gum recession and wear away our enamel.

If the bristle texture changes before 2-3 month, it is a sign that we are brushing too hard. In such cases, consider lightening up your grip and pressure while brushing.

A worn-out brush does not give a deep cleaning of the teeth, the result of which is, cavity, and other oral damages. If you notice the bristles of your toothbrush getting curved and going in multiple directions, it is time to replace it. Also, germs run rampant on an old toothbrush.

Thus, a toothbrush is a dental hygiene instrument that should be swapped with a good brush with texture and smooth bristle material, these suggestions must never be neglected.

Because of 2 reasons a toothbrush must be replaced in regular intervals: as a result of mechanical wear, the toothbrush bristle material tend to bend, leading to harshness, brush texture deteriorates too. Secondly, rapid accumulation of bacteria which grows faster in moist environments.

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