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How to increase platelet count? Here are the foods to increase platelets

Platelets are important for your body as they help in blood clots. Low platelets or thrombocytopenia can cause bleeding gums, fatigue. Read to know certain ways to increase palate counts.

Certain foods to increase platelets

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What are platelets? Platelets are the important blood cells that help in blood clotting. Low platelets or thrombocytopenia can cause bleeding gums, fatigue, and bruising. It is very important to maintain the platelet level in your body otherwise several diseases would show up.

Mild thrombocytopenia can be recovered with a good diet and supplements but severe needs medical attention to avoid serious complications. There are certain food if consumed properly can increase the platelet level in your body.

Continue reading this article to know about certain food to have when you are facing low platelets.

Natural ways to increase platelet count

Below mentioned are certain food to eat to increase platelet count:

1. Folate-rich food:

Folate contains vitamin B that is great for blood cells. As per the National Institutes of Health (NIH), It is important for adults to consume four hundred mg of folate regularly. Foods enriched in folate are...

Green leafy veggies

Beef liver

Black-eyed peas

Fortified cereals



2. Vitamin B-12 rich food:

Red blood cells can be formed by B-12 vitamins. It also helps to increase platelet counts. As per NIH, people with the age group of fourteen and over needs 2.4 mcg of it regularly. Here are vitamin B-12 rich foods...

Beef liver


Fish, including tuna, salmon, clams, trouts, etc.

Fortified cereals

Almond milk or soy milk


3. Vitamin C rich food:

It is best for immunity to work well. Iron is necessary for platelets and vitamin C helps the body in the absorption of iron.

Certain veggies and fruits are:


Brussels sprouts

Citrus fruits


Red and green bell peppers


4. Vitamin D rich foods :

Sunlight is the best provider of this vitamin but all the time it may not be possible to get it so the body acquires it from food enriched in vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the nerves, bones, muscles, and immunity to work well. It also aid the bone marrow cells to work which is mandatory for the creation of blood cells and platelets. Adults age nineteen to seventy must have 15mcg of it per day. Vitamin D rich foods...

Egg yolk

Fatty fish, like tuna, mackerel, and salmon

Fish liver oils

Fortified milk and yogurt

Fortified cereals

Orange juice

Soy milk and yogurt



5. Vitamin K rich food:

Vitamin K is best for keeping bone strong and clotting blood. For males, it is necessary to take 120mcg, and for females, ninety mcg is mandatory regularly.



Green veggies


Soybeans and soybean oil


6. Food enriched in Iron:

As earlier mentioned iron is mandatory for a sufficient level of blood cells and maintains the platelet level. As per NIH, females with the age group of nineteen to fifty should have 18mg, for fifty above must have eight mg. On the other hand, males with the age group of above eighteen need eight mg of iron regularly.

Food Comprising iron:


beef liver

fortified cereals

white beans and kidney beans

dark chocolate

lentilsthe clots


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