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Vitamin C and its benefits: Some healthy Indian foods rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a very essential nutrient for our body. Read this article to know about several Indian foods rich in Vitamin C.

Healthy Indian foods rich in Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is also mentioned as ascorbic acid as the C in it is for ascorbic acid which means anti-scurvy. It is quite a significant nutrient and possesses natural antioxidants. It is water-soluble that helps in making the bones stronger, helps in metabolism, fight against cancer, and synthesize collagen, plus helps the absorption of iron. The body is unable in synthesizing vitamin C so it takes it from various food sources. Hence, it is mandatory to take a sufficient quantity of Vitamin C enriched foods to acquire the regular dose of it i.e. for a single day, women need 75 mg while a man needs 90mg of it.

Why Vitamin C matter?

It is filled with numerous advantages. Some of the benefits of Vitamin C are:

1. It helps to heal the common cold.

2. It maintains the blood pressure level.

3. It helps in preventing stress and hypertension.

4. It boosts metabolism.

5. It accelerates the formation of collagen which helps in fighting wrinkles and aging.

6. It is good for the eyes

7. Prevents cardiovascular diseases etc.

What happens when your body lacks Vitamin C?

The shortness of vitamin C can results in fatigue, muscle and joint pain, mood swings, unnecessarily losing weight, slower recoveries, several dental conditions, damages to your skin and hair, etc. It is very necessary for your health. So, consuming adequate food that contains vitamin C is necessary.

Some Vitamin C foods in India:

Green chili:

Of course, you can't take it directly as it will burn your mouth but adding just one green chili into your meal or salad can provide you with 109milligram of it.


Consuming one guava a day can provide you with 126mg of it which more than enough nutrients for your body.

Yellow bell pepper:

It is rightly known for the highest vegetable containing vitamin C as one of it comprises 341milligarms of it.


Parsley not only adds delicious flavors to your dish but it is also quite healthy as it helps in boosting immunity. A hundred grams of it contains 133milligrams of it.


Kiwi is a great option for vitamin C fruit in India. It is very tasty and quite nutritious that is filled with vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, fiber, and calcium.


Broccoli is very healthy and is enriched with it. A hundred grams of it has 89.2 mg of it.


Orange is a part of the citrus family with a high amount of it. Just a single orange can present you with 97.9mg.

Lime and lemons:

They too are from the citrus family and are enriched with it. A hundred grams of lemon has 53 mg while lime has 29.1mg.


It's good news for the one who loves pineapple. Pineapple is a sweet and sour fruit and is tropical. A hundred gms of it gives you 47.8 milligrams and additionally, it has various other important nutrients like fiber, vitamin A, potassium, and calcium.

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