Check out some tips to protect your baby from winter

Take special care of your baby in winters as they catch fever easily.
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Winter is here and new moms are much worried about their newborns as they catch fever easily. Babies' regulation system is immature so it fails to self-regulate their body. In this case, moms need to take special care of their new ones in order to prevent them from winter diseases.

How to protect your baby in winters?

Following are some newborn winter care tips which will protect your baby from cold and chilling weather.

• Dress your baby with more than one warm clothing. Just go for comfortable fabric so that your baby doesn't feel suffocated from the layers of clothes.

• Keep the indoor temperature warm. A humidifier or a room heater in your baby's room can help to keep the temperature warm.

• Take special care of your baby's skin in winter as it can get harsh and dry. Always use baby moisturizers to soothe your baby's skin.

• Before a baby bath, gently massage him or her with baby oil. It helps in blood circulation and keeps your baby in good health.

• Breastfeeding is important. Breast milk is constituted of nutrients and antibodies which help to fight diseases and keep your baby's immune system intact.

• Keep your hands clean before touching your baby. Don't let anyone touch him or her without proper sanitisation.

• Don't feed him chilled stuffs in winter.

• Your baby needs fresh air so a walk with your baby is fine unless it's too cold. But take special care like dress him or her with warm clothes whenever you go out in winters.

Here are some oral care tips for newborns in winters:

Babies usually don't develop teeth until after a few months of birth. But following a dental care routine is no harm and as it will help your baby to grow better teeth.

Just wipe your baby's gum with a soft piece of cloth after feeding anything. However, some babies were born with one or two teeth. In that case, just brush it with soft baby toothbrush very gently. It can also be done with clean figure so that it causes no harm to your baby's gum.

Once your baby starts teething, he or she feels cranky and irritated. So, soothe your baby's gum by gently massaging with a cold washcloth.

Avoid using toothpaste for babies under six month, as consuming the fluoride can be harmful for your baby.

Some newborn babies skin care in winter:

Your baby need special care for skin as it is very soft and delicate. Especially in winters, skin tends to become dry and harsh. Always use a baby moisturizer to keep your baby's skin moisturize and hydrated. Sunscreens are not necessary for babies under six months so cover your baby's skin with a wide hat or a soft scarf before going out in the sun.

Give a gentle massage to your baby with essential baby oils or mustard oil. It will prevent the skin from dryness and rashes and also helps in blood circulation.

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