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Follow this winter diet to stay warm and healthy

A good diet in winter can help you stay away from winter diseases.

Follow this winter diet to stay warm and healthy

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Winters are here and everyone loves to be inside the blanket, chilling and having yummy snacks. But having too much of junk food can harm your immune system and you can get cold and cough and all sorts of winter diseases. Hence, one needs to follow a basic winter diet and have food which are rich in Vitamin C and nutrition to fight winter disease and stay hale and hearty.

Emphasising on the latter, here are some best food to eat in winters:

• Start your day with warm oatmeal: Have warm oatmeal in breakfast garnished with some nuts and dry fruits which will keep you warm and fuller for a longer time.

• Vegetables and fruits with Vitamin C: If you exercise regularly, opt for vegetables and fruits like red pepper, sweet potatoes and all kinds of citrus fruits enriched with Vitamin C. You can also have spinach which is rich in iron.

• Dry fruits: Chew some dry fruits in regular interval which is very beneficial for boosting your energy.

• Ghee: Pour some amount of ghee in whatever you are cooking as it helps you to keep warm and energise your body.

• Honey: Have honey instead of sugar which will keep you warm and healthy.

• Spices works wonders: Spices such as cloves, ginger, cinnamon etc works magic during winters. It adds more flavors to your meal and also keeps you warm. These spices are very good winter diet for cold.

Additionally, there are several foods which is better to avoid in winters as it can make you fall sick.

Following are some things to avoid in winter diet:

• Avoid dairy products: Yogurts and milk are already cold so avoid having it during winters as it can cause severe cold and make you fall sick.

• Avoid sugar: Sugar can be harmful for your immunity. Opt for honey in place of it.

• Caffeine beverages: Avoid drinks which contain caffeine which can cause dehydration and breathing difficulties.

• Fried oily stuffs: Avoid fried oily food as it contains fat which can cause inflammation.

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