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Gas problems: Cause, symptoms, and some home remedies

Gas pain occurs when extra gas trapped in the digestive system. it is released by passing gas or burping. Read this article to know about gas pain.

Gas problems: Cause, symptoms, and some home remedies

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Having gas is quite normal. It is a part of your digestive system. But when some excess gas is confined into your intestine then it causes pain. Gas pain can be very disturbing.

It is more commonly caused by consuming some gas-producing foods. In this case, you'll feel suffocated and stuffed.

Specific digestion issues like irregular bowel syndrome etc may lead to stomach pain and constipation.

What are the symptoms?

Here are some symptoms of gas:

• Burping

• Farting

• Pain, cramps

• Feeling stuffed and suffocated (bloating)

• increase in the size of your abdomen

Burping and farting is just a natural process.

Some severe symptoms:


• Stools with blood

Weight loss

• Frequent tendency of vomiting.

What are the Causes?

Here are some causes:

Gas is formed inside your stomach by the air when you drink or eat something. But most of it gets released while burping.

The formation takes place in the large intestine when carbohydrates and fiber, sugar is fermented by bacteria. Some are also consumed by bacteria but the rest gets released.

1.Certain eating habits:

Some foods are the causes when you consume excessively.

  1. Beans and legumes
  2. Fruits and vegetables
  3. Whole grains
  4. Soda, beer
  5. Certain fiber supplements
  6. Artificial sugar stuff
  7. Chewing gums
  8. Eating quickly

2. Medical conditions:

Certain medical conditions can also lead to pain.

• Chronic intestinal conditions:

Some chronic intestinal conditions may cause excess gas.

• Small bowel bacterial overgrowth:

when bacteria increases or change in the small intestine can cause gas and weight loss.

• Food intolerances:

When your digestive system is incapable to absorb some food, gas occurs.

• Constipation.

Constipation makes it tough for passing the air.

• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS):

Various signs of IBS may cause excess gas and various digestive disorders.

Gas treatment:

Here are some ways to get rid of gas quickly:

• Pass it out: Just simply pass the gas. Don't hold it for a long time as it can cause discomfort, bloating, and pain.

• Bowel movement regularly: make sure to pass stool regularly. It keeps the digestive system fit and healthy.

• Eat slow and steady: eat slowly to avoid the air passing with your food.

• Avoid chewing gums: while eating chewing gums, you swallow air too.

• Don't drink too many carbonated drinks: carbonated drinks such as sodas; beer etc creates a lot of gas.

• Don't have too much high-fiber food that causes excess gas in your stomach.

• Exercise: Moderate exercise can help the air to pass through the digestive system and helps digestion.

Some gas home remedies:

Here are some gas trouble treatments at home:

Carom seeds (Ajwain):

Ajwain possesses thymol which releases gastric juice that aids digestion.

Jeera water:

Cumin seeds possess certain essential oil that helps in digestion and curbs the production of excess gas. Boil one spoon of jeera with water for around 15mins. Keep it for cooling, strain it and swallow the mixture after meal.

Asafoetida (Hing):

Asafoetida is anti-flatulent which helps in preventing the increase of bacteria that causes excess gas. Add half spoon of hing with warm water and drink it.


Ginger helps to get relief from flatulence. You can have a cup of ginger tea or add one spoon of ginger with lime juice and have it after meal.


Triphala works wonders for treating upset stomach if consumed in the right quantity. Add half spoon into boiling water for around 10min and swallow it before sleeping at night.

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