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Mushroom and its types: Know the benefits and side effects of Mushroom

Mushrooms are highly nutritious and healthy for your health. it contains 90 percent water. Read more in this article to know more about the benefits.

Mushroom: its benefits and side effects

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Mushroom contains about ninety percent of water and is called by various names from different parts of the world. It is packed with several nutrients and fiber.

What is mushroom?

The family name of mushroom is ''Agaricus" and it is basically an edible fungi packed with various nutritional components. They differ in size, shape, and color with various names and flourish by drawing out nutrients from dead and decaying organisms.

Mushrooms are very nutritious as they are enriched with antioxidants, Vitamin B, Selenium, and fiber. They have low calories so they are very beneficial for weight loss and prevents metabolic diseases.

There are various types of mushrooms that are edible:

  • White mushrooms
  • Cremini
  • Portobello
  • Shiitake
  • Maitake
  • Enoki
  • Oyster

Mushroom for the menu is an ultimate option because they are delicious and highly good for health. They are low in fats, sodium, calorie, and cholesterol. They are also constituted of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Different mushrooms have different micronutrients.

What are its benefits?

Here are several mushroom benefits for health:

• They have antioxidants in abundance:

Antioxidants in mushrooms help to prevents various dangerous diseases like cancer and heart problems. They are also highly responsive to strengthen your immunity and protect you from aging.

• Mushrooms have beta-glucan:

Beta-glucan is a kind of soluble fiber that takes care of the cholesterol level in our body and keeps your heart hale and hearty. Mushrooms like shiitake and oyster are most abundant with beta-glucan which also helps in blood sugar modulation.

• Vitamin B:

Mushrooms are enriched with Vitamin B, Niacin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid altogether which is good for your digestive system, nervous system, heart, and is good for your skin.

• Copper:

As you know that copper aids in the formation of red blood cells. This is also necessary for making your bones strong and also a healthy nervous system.

• Potassium:

Potassium is necessary for healthy muscles, heart, and nervous system.

• Mushroom is also good for losing weight. As it lacks in calories and lowers in crabs, consuming it can manage your weight.

• It is also good for your oral health. Shiitake is beneficial for oral condition and reduce the possibility of plaque.

• It is a prebiotic source.

Side effects of mushroom:

Following are some side effects of mushrooms:

• Some mushrooms are not edible because they are poisonous and they are tough to identify.

• There are mushrooms which constitute of psilocin and psilocybin material which can lead to hallucination.

• Poisonous mushrooms can be quite dangerous as it can risk a person's life resulting in vomiting, nausea, coma, convulsion, insanity, etc.

• It can even lead to death

• Please avoid eating mushrooms that are discolored or which are varying from the edible ones.

Some things to remember:

• Always go for the fresh ones which are not discolored.

• Never pluck mushroom from woods for eating if you are not experienced.

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