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Healthy brushing techniques for healthy teeth. Here is how to brush right

Every brushing technique has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Healthy brushing techniques for healthy teeth. Here is how to brush right

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There are a number of brushing techniques which have been advised by dentists for appropriate cleaning of plaque and debris from the teeth.

Every brushing technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. Along with this, every brushing technique has its own indication whether it is doing good to your teeth or not. A person has to be taught the appropriate brushing technique which is recommended by a dentist. If a dentist's suggestions of brushing techniques are not met for your teeth then it could result in dental issues which may take you through painful processes in the clinic. To avoid having a painful experience, brushing your teeth regularly by following proper brushing techniques to prevent tooth decay and gum problems.

To maintain good dental condition brush your teeth two times in a day with a brush that has soft bristles. The brush should not be too big, must fit your mouth and allow your brush to reach the insides areas easily. Do not forget to replace your brush every 3-4 months or before the bristles are damaged.

The brushing techniques are broadly classified according to the motion of the brush during brushing.

• Horizontal reciprocating motion

Scrub technique:

This is the most technique because it is easy to use. In this technique, the brush is placed at an angle to the long axis of the mouth and gentle horizontal scrubbing movement of the brush is repeated.

Its simplicity makes it desirable to all. However, its disadvantage is that it causes cervical abrasion.

• Vibratory motion

Bass technique:

A toothbrushing technique most adaptable for open areas and for cervical areas below the contour of the enamel, also, the viewing root surfaces. It is best for patients with or without periodontal treatment. It is also recommended to all patients to remove bacterial plaque adjacent to the areas directly beneath the gingival.

The major advantage of this technique is it is quick to and fro motion which is easy to master because most of the patients usually use the scrub brushing technique.

In this technique, brush strokes recur for 20 times and 3 teeth at a time. Too much hard brushing may cause harm to gingival margin.

Bass Modified Technique

It is different from the former technique. It has a sweeping motion. It works best for sulcus cleaning. Cleans the inter proximal and gingival thoroughly. It also helps in the stimulation of a good gingival. However, it requires a good amount of movement of the wrist.

• Modified Stillman's brushing technique

It helps to remove dental plaque from cervical areas effortlessly. It thoroughly cleanses tooth surface and gingival massage. This method should applied in gingival recession areas. A good toothbrush is of a great help. However, it is time consuming and improper way of brushing may lead to damage of epithelial attachment.

Stillman's technique uses the sides rather than the ends of the brush.

Circular Method

It is best for young children and handicapped people. Also, for people lacking dexterity. It is one of the easiest method to learn and takes less time. If harsh, it may lead to damaged gingiva. Dangerous for people who uses brush vigorously.

Charter's brushing technique

A useful technique for patients having fixed prosthodontic appliances and in patients who recently underwent periodontal surgery.The brush is put at a 45-degree angle.

Brushing of teeth is the most common habit of human beings, maintaining adequate oral hygiene. It is a helpful technique for a good dental life. And inculcating healthy brushing technique is the cherry at the top.

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