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High protein, low carb diet, and its benefits

High protein low carb diet is gaining popularity among health freaks and is essentially quite healthy. Read this article to know more about it.

High protein, low carb diet, and its benefits

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Having high protein, low curbs food actually exchanges the regular consumption of curbs with protein. It is quite beneficial for losing weight in a very short time. This kind of diet encourages plenty of high protein vegetables and prohibits all kinds of the refined stuff.

How do they work?

• Such kind of diet cut down the bad curbs and this kind of diet functions in a very short time because it prohibits all kind of high-energy, refined carbs such as cakes, biscuits, hot chips, soft drinks, etc.

• It deletes a food group such as dairy, legumes, etc which puts a restriction on your diet that will lead you to eat minimally. But you may miss out on a group of nutrients maybe.

• It makes you less hungry. Consuming proteins and fats help you to stay full for a longer time because they need enough time to digest; which will in turn lose weight.

Benefits of high protein low carb diet:

The amalgamation of two diets may provide you with several advantages. Here are some benefits of high protein low carb diets:

1. Helps in weight loss:

As it's mentioned earlier a high consumption of proteins makes you feel less hungry for a longer time and also it is filled with micronutrients which in turn lead to weight loss. So, this kind of diet helps secret glucagon that helps in enhancement of fullness. So, it is quite effective for losing weight.

2. Body composition:

Weight loss significantly decreases your muscle mass. This kind of food helps in preserving your muscle mass and increasing it. While dieting, the higher protein diet helps in increasing muscle mass and keeping it durable. It is also beneficial for athletes for gaining muscle mass.

3. Regulates blood sugar:

Both high protein low-fat foods help in regulating blood sugar.

4. Reduces cardiac diseases:

High protein food helps in the reduction of various cardiac diseases.

5. Keep bones healthy:

It helps in keeping your bones healthy and strong and prevent various injuries.

What are its side-effects?

These kinds of diets have their own side effects which can be mild and also impacts your health.

Having bad breath:

When your body lacks carbohydrates then it needs to transform the fats and protein into carbohydrates and in the process, some vapors are secreted which causes bad breath.


If you have more amount of protein and less amount of fiber then you'll feel suffocated and constipated.

Lacks energy and irritability:

Less carbohydrate in your body will result in less stamina and you'll also feel tired and weak.

Too much proteins and fats can affect your liver, bones, heart, kidney, and also your brain.

It can also increase the chance of cancer and diabetes.

This diet pattern has its disadvantages as mentioned above, so some people should avoid following such pattern who is having some kind of kidney or heart disease, or the ones whose immune system is not strong.

What are the foods to eat?

Some high protein low, curb food:

  • Eggs
  • Fish and shellfishes
  • Meat and poultry
  • High protein vegetarian foods like tofu or soys.
  • Dairy products
  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fresh herbs and spices

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