Iron deficiency anemia: Causes, Symptoms and treatment

Iron is needed for your body to produce hemoglobin which is essential for transmitting oxygen into the tissues. Read this article to know about the causes, symptoms, and treatment.
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Anemia is caused when your body does not possess adequate hemoglobin in the red blood cells (RBC). Red blood cells are essential for the transmission of oxygen into your tissues. It especially occurs when your body is lacking it.

Why iron matter?

Iron is important for producing red blood cells (hemoglobin). When your body lacks it, the body is incapable of carrying oxygen all over your body, and without enough oxygen, you might feel breath difficulty, tired, and weak.

What are the symptoms?

When the condition is moderate, you may have no clue but signs and symptoms are visible when the conditions become severe.

Here are some iron deficiency anemia symptoms in severe conditions:

  1.  Weakness
  2.  Pale and dull skin
  3.  Breath difficulties
  4.  Lightheadedness
  5.  Irregular heartbeat
  6.  Pain in the chest
  7.  Headache
  8.  Feet and hands become cold
  9.  Cracked nails
  10.  Loss of hair
  11.  Weird craving of inedible items
  12.  Soreness and swelling tongue
  13.  A weird tingling feeling in legs.

What are its causes?

There might be several factors that can cause iron-deficiency anemia. Some of them include:

• Not consuming enough iron-rich food: Food like meat, green leafy vegetables, eggs are highly constituted of this mineral. Consuming less amount of these foods may cause anemia. It is highly beneficial for pregnant women.

• Complications during pregnancy and loss of blood during menstruation: Over the loss of blood during menstruation and blood loss during childbirth can be a primary cause of lack of iron in the body.

• Certain internal bleeding: Iron deficiency may cause internal bleeding while medical conditions like polyps in the intestine, colon cancer, stomach ulcer, etc.

• Inability in the absorption of iron: certain surgeries can affect your body which led to the inability to absorbing it. 

• Endometriosis: If a woman is suffering from endometriosis then she may have over blood loss which she might not know because it keeps hidden in the abdominal portion.

• It can also cause depression.

• It causes various heart issues like heart failure, irregular heartbeat, etc.

What are the risk factors?

Some people are at a higher chance of having anemia who:

  1. Is pregnant Poor food habits
  2. One who most often donate blood
  3. Premature newborns
  4.  Genetics
  5.  Females highly need it


Here are some iron deficiency treatments that one needs to follow:

1. Iron supplements:

Taking iron supplements can restore the level in the body. Consults your doctor first as sometimes it may cause various stomach issues.

It will help in iron absorption in your body. Have citrus fruits, cauliflowers, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, etc.

It is a must. Have foods like:

• Dried fruits,

• Green leafy vegetables,

• Red meat,

• Beans,

• Nuts,

• Eggs

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