Cholesterol: Types, Causes, Symptoms, and Some Natural Remedies

Cholesterol is formed naturally in our body through our lungs. Good cholesterol is not unhealthy. Read this article to know more.
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Cholesterol is a substance that is formed naturally into our body by the liver. Not all cholesterin food is unhealthy. Their functions are to form hormones and are producing Vitamin D in our body. Most people's misconception is that cholesterol is unhealthy so they avoid cholesterol-rich food but that is actually not correct.

Types of cholesterol:

There are two types of cholesterol in fact; one is Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and the other is high-density lipoprotein (HDL). LDL is bad cholesterol because it helps in the occurrence of plaque and HDL is good because it excretes cholesterol in our body.

Now, what is known as high Cholesterol?

Consumption of heavy food which has a large amount of fat, the LDL level increases in your blood, and that is known as high cholesterol. The level of LDL should not be too high nor should the level of HDL not be too low otherwise fatty deposit forms into your blood vessels. It could be very dangerous for your heart and brain as the fats would block the blood flowing all over your body.

Reasons for high cholesterol:

Here are some high cholesterol causes:

• Eating excess fat-rich food can be a cause. 

• If you are having excess weight, and then there is a high possibility.

• If you are not in move or doesn't exercise on a regular basis.

• Through genes.



Here are some high cholesterol symptoms:

High cholesterol possesses no specific signs. Sometimes people may have no clue that they are having it. It just ends up with various dangerous diseases which include:

• Stroke

• Heart attack

Natural ways to reduce cholesterol:

Here are some natural ways to lower your cholesterol:

The only way to make cholesterol levels down is to amend your lifestyle and eating habits.

1. Maintain the following diet:

• Cut down on saturated fats: Such fats are found in full-fat dairy products and red meat. Avoid consuming such food.

• Cut out Trans fat: trans fat is present in hydrogenated vegetable oil. Cut out having too much of such fats.

• Have Omega-3 rich food: Omega-3 rich food includes salmon, herring; walnuts, etc are beneficial for a healthy heart and are low in cholesterin.

• Soluble fiber: Oatmeal, Brussels, sprouts, apple, kidney beans, etc are the soluble fiber that is good for absorbing cholesterin.

2. Exercise:

Moderate work out on a regular basis can increase the level of HDL in your body. 

3. Avoid smoking:

Smoking lower the HDL level in your body. You can have sound lungs and helps in blood circulation just after 3 months if you avoid smoking. 

4. Lose your weight:

Weight loss helps maintain the cholesterin level. carrying heavyweight can double the level inside your body. look for ways to reduce your weight. 

5. Avoid alcohol:

Avoiding alcohol will bring up the HDL level in your body. 

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