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Know About Aphasia, The Brain Disorder That Has Affected More Than 16 Lakh Indians So Far

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis announced retirement after he was diagnosed with Aphasia which is a brain condition that affects a person’s ability to communicate.

Know About Aphasia, The Brain Disorder That Has Affected More Than 16 Lakh Indians So Far

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  31 March 2022 10:11 AM GMT

A lesser-known brain disorder called 'Aphasia' has now become a matter of concern as in the past years the disease has been continuously affecting a large section of people.

One of the most loved Hollywood actors Bruce Willis has recently quit acting after he was diagnosed with a brain disorder and the news has left his fans in shock.

The 67 years old action star known for his role in the 'Die Hard' film series retired on Wednesday 30 March as he has been suffering from Aphasia a brain condition affecting a person's ability to communicate.

Notably, more than 16 lakh people in India have been affected by Aphasia till the year 2015 as per reports and in the past seven years, the cases are raising mainly among youths.

It is likely that the tally has risen by this time as many from the younger population are getting adversely affected by disorders associated with a person's brain.

According to the estimated number, on average 133 individuals in one lakh populations are facing the symptoms of this disease.

What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is a serious brain disorder that affects his/her ability to speak, read, write and understand. The condition ultimately results in problems while communicating in any form.

It is an ailment that occurs mainly from slow-growing brain tumours or other brain-related conditions.

However many also suffer from Aphasia after a sudden stroke or any kind of head injury.

The disorder affects a person's capability to understand or express spoken and written language.


1. Forgetting correct words for objects on failing to recall

2. Difficulty in constructing meaningful sentences

3. Saying sentences that make no sense

4. Speaking in incomplete

5. Substitute one word for another

6. Impaired writing and reading abilities

7. Using sound to represent something that is not associated with the objects they're talking about

8. Problems in understanding what other person is communicating

9. The symptoms of mild Aphasia are hard to determine mainly among elderly people as they usually face difficulties in communication.


The main treatment for aphasia is speech therapy but current studies are making efforts to find electric and magnetic therapies to cure the brain disease.

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