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Some simple exercise to do at home

Working out at home can be quite exciting and also results in good health and a toned body. Read this article to know about some at-home exercises.

Some simple exercise to do at home

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You all know that exercising regularly can have the best impact on your overall health. It works well both mentally and physically. Regular exercise can help you in the prevention of various health diseases and also helps in losing weight along with keeping you fit and healthy. Life is full of stress and tension. Guess what; working out can also help you relieve intense stress and anxiety.

The health experts have to say that one needs to carry out a total of 150 minutes of exercise to keep the body warm and maintain the heart rate. Well, then this can be done if you work out at least thirty minutes each five days per week. But in this busy and hectic life, you may not get enough time to take care of yourself and run to a gym. Hence, there are also several options of just to work out at home so that you can not only gain all the advantages of daily exercise but also you can balance your work life with your usual one. So, continue reading this article to know about various simple workouts at home which will help especially for the newbie.

Some simple and healthy at-home workouts:

1. Bridge:

You can do a bridge for warming up. This exercise will help the back of your body to be toned and be in shape.


• Firstly lie down with your back with bent knees and both hands rested straight on both sides.

• With the pressure on knees, just raise up your butt with the core straight with hands rested in the same position.

• Now, go back to the starting position and then repeat.

2. Chair squat:

Squats are quite helpful in strengthening your core and legs and getting your butts in shaped. You can use a chair to get a better form.


• Take a chair and stand in front of it with feet and shoulder apart.

• Now, slowly pushing your butt outward with bent knees and straight core; get into a sitting position until your butt touches the chair.

• Through pressure on the heels get into the starting position and then repeat.

3. Knee pushups:

This kind of workout is when you do pushups by putting pressure on your knees. This is for newbie and it will help you to get prepared for the actual pushups.


• Firstly be into a plank position on the pressure with both palms and your knees bent on the ground.

• Now, slowly and steadily bent your elbows with your body from head to knee straight and do pushups.

• Repeat with 10-15 reps.

4. Stationary lunge:

This is a whole-body workout that will strengthen your knees and legs:


• In a standing position put your right leg forward and left leg backward.

• Now, your right foot should be straight while your left foot should be slightly bent on toes.

• Bent your left knee until it touches the floor and your right knee parallel to the floor.

• Repeat with some reps and then do the same switching with another leg.

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