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The magic of Tulsi tea: Some benefits and its recipe

Do you know 'Tulsi Vivah' will be observed on November 26th, 2020? Read this article to know several benefits of having Tulsi tea along with its recipe.

The magic of Tulsi tea: Some benefits and its recipe

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Tulsi is considered as the 'holy basil' by our ancient Ayurveda. The meaning of the term Tulsi or Tulasi is 'Elixir of life' and it is also considered as the queen of herbs. Tulsi works magically for a human's entire body as it acts as a support system for our mind free of negativities. It was the mandatory therapeutic herb used in ancient India when science and technology were not evolved. Tulsi tea presents you and your body with a handful of benefits. So, continue reading this article to know about several benefits of Tulsi tea along with its recipe.

Some information about Tulsi tea:

The tulsi, scientific term, Ocimum sanctum, is a part of the mint family. It is widely being used for ayurvedic treatment for about five thousand years and is largely consumed for its strong flavor and aroma. The leaves comprise several organic compounds namely, eugenol, apigenin, luteolin, limatrol, propanoic acid, tannins, and many more. When you dip some leaves to prepare tulsi tea, you consume these wholes of healthy components, thus making it the world's healthiest and purest drink. Additionally, it is also enriched with important nutrients like Vitamin A and C, iron, calcium, zinc, etc which is healthy for your mind and soul.

So, presenting you with some fantastic health benefits of tulsi tea:

Tulsi has been a powerful healer for several diseases for ages. Even now, it is being suggested to cure ailments and various diseases. Studies have proven that it possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory elements and is effectively used in treating anxieties. Below are some other advantages:

1. Fight respiratory diseases:

It is quite useful in treating asthma, flu, cold, cough, congestion, bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throat, etc. You just have to inhale the steam from warm Tulsi tea.

2. Lower blood pressure:

If you consume tulsi tea on a regular basis, it can effectively reduce blood pressure and decrease cholesterol levels just by maintaining cortisol levels into your body. Additionally, it prevents you from heart diseases and stroke.

3. Bring down stress and anxieties:

It can present you with better sleeping habits and reduce all kinds of stress and anxieties. It is very beneficial for preventing depression and headaches.

4. Treats Gastrointestinal Disorders:

Tulsi is very useful in healing upset stomachs, ulcers, gastric, intestinal parasites, vomiting, menstrual cramps, etc. it can prevent kidney stones.

5. Soothes arthritis:

It is useful in bringing down inflammation and helps soothe joint pain related to arthritis.

6. Maintain blood sugar:

It helps in maintaining blood sugar levels along with improving metabolism in your body.

7. Works as an antiseptic:

It helps in destroying the bacterial growth in your mouth and relieves bad breath. Plus, it helps comforting acne and amends skin health.

How to prepare it?

The recipe of Tulsi tea is:

• Firstly start with boiling fresh filtered water.

• You can either add one spoon of tulsi leaves or a half spoon of dried leaves or a half spoon of powder into it.

• Just cover the water with a lid for around twenty minutes or more if you need more of its benefits.

• Then strain the leaves with a strainer and enjoy slowly sip by sip.

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