What You Should Eat Before Your Workout? Must Have 6 Foods & Snack

Doing your work-out empty stomach is not advisable. You must eat something before your workout. Know these pre-workout 6 foods & snack
Here is what you should eat before your workout 

Here is what you should eat before your workout 

It's very important to eat something before you hit the gym. If you work out in an empty stomach then it could be harmful resulting in various injuries and muscle breakdown. Good nutrient consumption before a workout can help you in preventing muscle breakdown, fatigue, and prevent injuries. The quantity depends on how much time you need to exercise.

6 Best Pre-workout Foods

Following are some best pre-workout food that you can try:

Bananas: Bananas are a natural power bar. It is rich in carbohydrates and potassium which is very good for muscles and nerves.

Oats: You can work out for a longer time if you consume oats as it contains fiber, it releases carbohydrates gradually.

Vegetable, rice with chicken: It is the best pre-workout meal. It has a mix of protein, carbohydrates and non-starchy vegetables which is very good in fuel production.

Boiled eggs: Having 4-5 boiled eggs can be helpful as it contains proteins and lots of nutrition.

Yogurt: Yogurts can provide protein to your body and some dry fruits with it can instantly boost your energy.

Protein shakes: Proteins are very essentials for bones and muscles hence protein shakes can be a good option for pre-workout food.

6 Pre-workout Snacks:

Here are some Pre-workout snacks you can have:

• A protein-based smoothie is healthy eating before a workout.

• An apple with nut butter

• Yogurt with berries and dry fruits

• Granola bar

• Brown rice

• Oatmeal with fruits and nut butter

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