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Air Canada passenger left alone in flight while she was asleep, wakes up to find her alone

Air Canada passenger left alone in flight while she was asleep, wakes up to find her alone

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  24 Jun 2019 8:01 AM GMT

Montreal: A female passenger of Air Canada flight who after the flight taking off fell asleep and woke up to finally find her sleeping alone in a dark and empty flight with no one to listen to her screams. This is an incident of Tiffani Adams who had travelled from Quebec to Toronto Pearson International Airport earlier this month. The story came to light only when a friend of Tiffany posted the incident on Air Canada's Facebook page.

Displaying a height of carelessness by the cabin and ground staffs of Air Canada, this incident would compel one to be afraid of falling asleep while boarding the Air Canada flight. Tiffany, on waking up, could see that she is sitting alone in an empty flight which is very dark inside. The flight, on being landed and vacated was even towed away from the airport and parked aside. The ground staff too could not locate that there was a passenger still sitting and sleeping inside who should have been woken up on time.

Stating her state of mind when she discovered her alone in the flight, Tiffany wrote, "I think I'm having a bad dream (because) like seriously how is this happening."

Immediately after realizing the situation, she made a quick call to her friend but could not talk much as her phone battery died as well.

Panicked and terror-stroked at the sudden turn of the incident, her only attention was on to console herself as that was the only way she could escape the terror alive. She added, "I'm trying to focus on my breathing and control my panic attack while I attempt to charge my phone by plugging into every USB port I could find." However, she could not charge her phone as the electricity on the plane was turned off.

Fortunately, she could find a torch in the cockpit and be finally able to open one of the doors. But that was not the end of her torment as she could only discover herself standing at a height of 50 feet.

Unable to get off the flight, she used the torch to draw the attention of a luggage cart driver. Finding the ray of the torch, the luggage cart driver located her who was hanging her legs out of the plane's open doorway.

The cart driver, shocked at discovering her alone, asked her how the heck they left her on the plane to which she replied, "I'm wondering the same."

On realizing the seriousness of the incident, Air Canada apologized to the passenger.

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