Captain Harpreet Chandi Becomes 1st Woman of Indian Ancestry to Travel Solo to South Pole

Polar Preet, Harpreet Chandi, is the first Indian-origin woman to accomplish a solo journey to the South Pole.
Captain Harpreet Chandi Becomes 1st Woman of Indian Ancestry to Travel Solo to South Pole

NEW DELHI: With her single mission, Captain Harpreet Chandi, a British Sikh Army officer of Indian ancestry, created history. Harpreet Chandi, also known as Polar Preet, is the first Indian-origin woman to reach the South Pole on her own.

After travelling 700 miles (1,127 kilometres) while pulling a pulk or sledge with all of her gear and braving temperatures of - 50 degrees Celsius and wind gusts of about 60 miles per hour, Chandi revealed her historic success on her live blog on Monday at the end of Day 40. 

"I've arrived at the South Pole, where it's snowing, and I'm riding a wave of emotions right now." I knew nothing about the arctic three years ago, and it's strange to finally be here. "Coming here was challenging, and I appreciate everyone's assistance," she remarked.

The narrator states, "This goal was always about so much more than simply me." I'd like to encourage everyone to push themselves to their limits. I want people to believe in themselves. I also want you to be able to do it without being labelled a thorn in my side. No, I was informed, and I was instructed to "just do the usual." "However, we establish our own normal," Chandi concluded.

Chandi provided a live tracking map for her walk as well as regular blogging updates from the snow-capped trekking zone. In her final blog entry, she said, "Day 40 - Finished." Preet just made history by becoming the first woman of colour to complete a solo Antarctic expedition. According to Chandi, "you are always capable of doing what you wish to achieve." Everyone needs to start somewhere, no matter where they come from or where their starting line is. She doesn't want to break the glass ceiling; she wants to smash it.

Chandi's immediate duty as a Clinical Training Officer for a Medical Regiment in the northwest of England is to supervise and certify Army physician apprenticeships. 

During her hiking journey, Chandi said that she was thinking about and preparing for her wedding. Before embarking on her voyage, she was engaged to David Jarman, an Army reservist.

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