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Hima Das-led India mixed relay team’s ‘silver’ in Asian games to upgrade to ‘Gold’ medal

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It seems good news and Gold medals will never stop pouring on Assam athlete Hima Das. As the Indian sprinter is on news for her continuous success in the international tracks with fourth gold medal being won a couple of days back, another news of the Indian mixed relay team’s promotion to winning the Gold medal has cheered up the Indian athlete’s camp.

Notably, the India mixed relay team comprised of Mohammad Anas, Hima Das, Arokia Rajiv and M R Poovamma had competed and won the silver medal in the 4×400 mixed relay category of the Asian Games held in Jakarta last year. The recent advancement in the news is that the Gold winning team Bahrain’s athlete Kemi Adekoya has been proved positive in a dope test following which he is handed a four-year ban by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU).

With the winning team’s member being caught on a dope test, all his medals will also be taken back as the dope tests belong to the duration between August 24, 2018 and November 26, 2018. This would indicate any medal won by the athlete during this term will be cancelled. This paves the chances for the India mixed relay team to upgrade to Gold.

Notably, before this, India had lodged an official complaint alleging against Bahrain for obstruction, but it was turned down.

Another upgradation to be made in the same Asian games event is that Adekoya had also won the 400m hurdles gold at the Asian Games. In the same category of race, Indian athlete Anu Raghavan had finished fourth and now Adekoya’s ban will upgrade Raghavan to win the bronze.

As Hima Das is on a roll these days with continuous gold medals being usurped by the sensational sprinter, this new addition of a Gold medal will certainly add another feather to her wings.

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