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Runaway metro train saved by Whale sculpture

Two tailfins of a whale sculpture save a metro train in Spijkenisse, near Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Runaway metro train saved by Whale sculpture

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Spijkenisse: In a rather dramatic save for a train in Spijkenisse, it's a whale sculpture that made sure that the driver of the train escaped with just minor injuries. The train had crashed through the barrier of De Akkers Metro Station and went off rails, however, there were no passengers.

The train had landed precariously on the fluke of a white whale sculpture.

Several pictures of the accident surfaced and locals gathered near the accident site. Authorities had to take action to urge the sightseers to remain at bay as the coronavirus restrictions are in force. The train was perched upon one of the two tailfins known as 'flukes' several meters above the ground.

The accident took place on late Monday morning as engineers attempted to stabilize and remove the train from metro line amid strong winds.

The architect of the sculpture, Martin Struijs told Dutch broadcaster RTL that he was extremely pleased that it saved the life of the driver. The company operating the metro line confirmed the driver's wellbeing when the front carriage rammed through the end of an elevated section of rails at the end of the station in the town of Spijkenisse, on the southern edge of Rotterdam, early Monday morning. The final stop of the metro line is the station.

Authorities have launched an investigation. The driver was also interviewed as part of the probe.

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