With Lebanon Facing Power Outage Due To Coal, India Warns Of Potential Shut Down Of Coal-Fired Power Plants

The shutdown of power in Lebanon is likely to last several days. Meanwhile in India, about half of the country's coal-fired power plants have reported an acute shortage of coal with only 3 days of supply left in stock.
Source: Google

Source: Google

Beirut/New Delhi: Lebanon is facing its biggest power crisis after two of its largest power plants shut down due to a fuel shortage. Six million people have been put into darkness due to the sudden lack of centrally generated electricity. 

On Saturday, the two main power plants, the Zahrani power station and the Dier Ammar plant had to shut down after it reported a shortage of diesel supplies. 

As per the statements of a government official, the production of power was "unlikely to restart until next Monday, or for several days".

Efforts are being made to revive the power plants temporarily using the army's fuel oil reserve, however, it would still take a lot of time to take such an action.

This has happened at a time when the world is witnessing a global energy crisis after India has reported a shortage of coal supply and China has already witnessed a blackout in few cities.

However, many sources are blaming the government's mismanagement for Lebanon's power outage after the government collapsed following the Beirut gas explosion in 2020.

In India, the supply of coal has reached a record low with coal-fired power plants reporting only three days of supply in stock.

According to the data released by the Indian government, about half of the 135 coal-fired power plants of the country have been reported less than three days of fuel stocks against the federal guidelines which suggest at least two weeks of fuel stocks.

Some of the northern and southern states of India are already facing a shortage of power. The capital of India, New Delhi, is likely to be the next one to be hit by a power outage.

Most importantly, officials have warned the fuel may not be restocked even during winter.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, has moved the central government requesting more supply of power and gas to power plants that provide electricity to the capital.

The sudden shortage of fuels in India can be attributed to the almost negligible import of coal due to the surging global prices. Additionally, the demand for coal from industries have put the power producers in a tight spot.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government has issued warnings of a potential blackout after it announced that only one day of coal supply was left in stock.

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