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Are you depressed? Read this article to tackle depression

Depression is like a slow-poison. It can be dangerous but possible to overcome.

Are you depressed? Read this article to tackle depression

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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  26 Nov 2020 3:13 PM GMT

What is Depression?

Depression is a state of mind when you feel upset and lost for the world. If it sustains, it can lead to suicide or self-harm.

Along with your physical health, it is very important to take equal care of your mental health. Our life is packed with anxieties, tensions, and hardship so in such situations being upset is fine. Your life is not a bed of roses after all. But sustaining such emotions for a long time can affect your mental health.

Depression often makes you introverted and cuts you out from the world. It loses your enthusiasm. But it is not impossible to overcome it. Although it can time and effort, there are chances to recover.

Here are some of the symptoms of depression:

• You lose interest in whatever you do

• Feels low and upset all the time

• Loses enthusiasm

• Cannot focus in your work

• Losing confidence and self-esteem

• Mostly want to stay alone.

What are the causes?

There can various causes of depression depending on some awful situation or loss that anyone might face. There are also some cases where people are depressed for no firm reason.

People might be depressed for any loss or rejection, sleeping problems, various negative thoughts and many more issues that people might face in life.

This article will help you to know some of the tips on how to deal with depression.

Tips on how to handle depression:

Tip 1: Talk to someone:

• Just talk to someone who can understand you about the things which is bothering you. A good listener can be a very good friend at that moment.

• If you are alone then make a phone call or video call to someone but speak up. Don't stick it inside you.

• Keep a pet with yourself. Spending time with pets can reduce stress and anxiety.

• Participate in various social activities. Stay connected with people.

Tip 2: Indulge in things that make you happy:

• Exercise. Go for a walk

• Watch movies or listen to your favorite music

• Explore your hobbies

• Take care of your health. Meditate or practice yoga.

Tip 3: Do regular exercise. Don't just stick to one place.

Tip 4: Eat healthily: Your diet is important both physically and mentally. Eat a healthy diet. Do not skip meals. Stay away from things that will in turn harm you like smoking and alcohol.

Tip 5: Expose to sunlight: Have you ever felt the touch of early morning sun rays? If not then just try it. It will instantly refresh your mood.

Tip 6: Overcome negative thoughts: When you are depressed, your mind will be packed with various negative thoughts that will harm your mental health. Try to consider the brighter side and take it positively. Have a talk with yourself that everything will be okay and overcome those thoughts.

Tip 7: Don't stay up at night. Think optimistic and get enough sleep.

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