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Have you ever wondered why you regretted after shouting at someone? Find out why

Emotions can be powerful but it is possible to get control over your emotions.

Ways to control your emotions

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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  26 Nov 2020 7:13 AM GMT

Have you ever shouted at someone without any firm reason and regretted it afterward? This is because your emotions possess control over you.

Emotions are basically what you feel and how do you respond to certain external or internal happenings. Everything that you feel like being upset, depressed, tensed, confused, angry, etc; all these feelings are emotions.

Why do we need emotions?

Emotions play a major role in our life. We have an emotion that's why we are living beings.

  • Emotions inspire us to take action: when you don't do well in exams, you feel depressed so to overcome that for the sake of happiness you work hard and do well next time.
  • It helps us to avoid any threat and survive: Because of emotions we survive and avoid danger. When we are angry, we tend to fight the source of anger, when we are in love we tend to seek for love in that person, when we are scared of some threat we tend to get rid of that. It helps us to survive.
  • Emotions help to develop an understanding among people. When we communicate with people we understand them even better through their emotions that how are they felling. Similarly when people interact with us, we tend to provide some clues through our emotions by which they understand us.
  • It helps us to take decisions. Emotional intelligence plays the main role in helping us to take the right decisions.

How to control emotion?

There are four simple steps when you can own your emotions:

• Step 1: Awareness: We need to recognize our emotions. Sometimes we don't have any idea of what we are feeling and can respond wrongly at that moment. You need to be aware of whatever you are feeling in order to have some kind of clarity. Please don't stick at it, try to overcome and move on.

• Step 2: Find out the reason: try to search out why you are feeling such things. Ask yourself what is wrong.

• Step 3: Now try to overcome: Try to find out the solution to that situation. Every situation has a positive and a negative side. Try considering the brighter side. Your mood will automatically transform.

• Step 4: lastly, react: The last step will be unconscious and automatic. The moment you reach out for a solution to your bad mood and you see at the brighter side, you'll automatically smile and feel better. You'll respond in a positive way.

Learning to own your emotions is not a piece of cake. It needs time. It needs mantel practice. But it is not impossible to have control over your emotions.

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