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Domestic Violence against Women – a never-ending pandemic

The wrongdoers apply sexual and physical threats, violence, emotional humiliation and economic destitution as a means to rule the sufferer and get their way

Domestic Violence against Women – a never-ending pandemic

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  13 Jan 2023 12:18 PM GMT

Domestic violence can be sketched as the power exploited by one adult in a relationship to impose authority on another. This violence outlines physical exploitation, psychological ill use, social abuse, financial or sexual assault.

Domestic violence cannot unambiguously be called a dispute. It is a pattern of acts of threats and assaults that an individual imposes over another. The wrongdoers apply sexual and physical threats, violence, emotional humiliation and economic destitution as a means to rule the sufferer and get their way".

Domestic violence against women takes place when a member of a family perpetrated a brutal act inclusive of present and former husbands, any family member, extended relatives, and even close family friends.

Domestic Violence against women has always been prevalent in Indian society. In October 2022, in a shocking incident reportedly took place in Punjab where a man was obsessed with narcotic substances resulting in frequent fights between him and his wife, and he would avail himself to physical violence which led him to set his house on fire with five people inside including his wife who succumbed to death.

Another incident took place in September 2022 in Tinsukia when a man along with his parents set about tormenting her mentally and physically on insignificant issues. In August 2022, Golaghat witnessed a woman rescued in a critical position after she was barbarically thrashed by her husband in a drunken situation. Meanwhile in another dreadful incident a man hailing from Tamil Nadu reportedly choked his wife to death and burnt her body. A similar incident happened in August 2021 where a man in Himachal Pradesh began torturing his wife right after a month of their marriage and apparently hacked his wife to death. In August 2021, a woman named Nazia in New Delhi was subjected to domestic violence and dowry demands. Her in-laws used to hit her consistently and treat her brutally. They would not proffered her food to consume and did not even allow to use fan or cooler but rather made her bath in extreme cold water which let her develop infections and ultimately a surgery in her stomach.

While there are women who rise even after undergoing barbaric domestic violence. For instance, in June 2022, Shivangi Goyal married life didn't turn to her expectation. Sadly, after a few days of marriage, there was a contention with her in-laws for dowry which ultimately concluded with domestic violence. Nevertheless, by working hard day and night, she has now accomplished 177th rank in UPSC in her third attempt.

Domestic Violence shapes in the following forms:

Physical violence - comprises applying physical force against woman by hitting, slapping, beating and kicking.

Sexual violence - includes coerced sexual relationship; Emotional or psychological ill treatment, such as controlling behavior, belittling, humiliation, menace of harm, and various forms of other mental threats.

Economic violence - inclusive of detecting personal access to money of a woman or a wife and keeping them financially deprived.

Intellectual Abuse - even economically independent and highly educated women witness assaults intellectually as men in a patriarchal system have administered entry to all assets such as a woman's knowledge, skills and expertise should be inferior to that a man's.

Tolerance of Abuse - Since domestic violence is highly probable to be inculcated from culturally-based stereotypes and gender roles, several women are tolerant of the assault they undergo. Numerous women in Asia are of the view that they would give rise to humiliation upon their families as well as their communities if they reveal their abusive circumstance. A study on domestic violence in India disclosed that out of the women who reported abuse, 29% had never subjected to medical treatment after domestic violence, and 10% of them had never uttered a word about physical assault to a health worker. Only 5% were spoke to medical practitioner about the issues of violence they faced at home.

Ways to Stop Violence in your community

Tell someone: If you are the victim, speak to someone right away. The person can be anyone you have believe in like a friend, your parent, a teacher or coach, brother or sisters, or a neighbor. It is highly crucial to remember that such acts of abuse and violence are against the law.

Take a stand: If you are a spectator of any form of domestic abuse against women, stand up for her to save her life from such violence. Violence of any type occuring at any time is entirely wrong.

Be a friend: Help the woman who is being asaulted and make it known to the public that what happened was unlawfull or not deserved.

Know the signs in a relationship:

Domestic violence can happen to any woman. At times violence starts early on in a relationship and other times it takes months or even years to arise. Be aware of the following red flags an offender may display at any point in a relationship:

Being envious of your achievements

Demoralizing you from dedicate your time in activities away from your partner

Embarrassing or humiliating you

Controlling all of your monetary decisions

Making you feel guilty for all the issues in the relationship

Intercepting you from working

Be available and check in regularly: If someone you are acquainted with is in the fear of violence or is witnessing such assualts, be prepared to provide assistance and reach out ffrequently to ensure her safety.

Write it down: Jotting down every incident you witness such as the date, time, location, injuries and circumstances could be efficacious in further police reports as well as criminal and civil court cases.

Get the word out: Aid a local shelter organization working to prevent domestic violence to raise awareness in your community.

Put your money in power: Implement your power as a consumer and scrap the culture extended in movies, music, games, television, and the media that glorifies violence against women.

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