Healthy Indian food to have in winters

Winters are prone to various sicknesses and diseases. So, you need to take care of your diet to keep yourself warm. Read this article to know more.
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The festive seasons are on and we tend to eat a lot of junk which not only affects our health but also makes us weaker and fatigue. Winter is actually prone to sickness and various kinds of winter diseases that make our metabolism weaker and decrease our energy level. In this case, one needs to look after their health to stay away from diseases and keep you warm. This can be done by certain changes in your diet. Well, there are certain Indian foods that are not only healthy but also helps to keep your body warm and fit. Continue reading this article to know more about some winter season food in India that is healthy and shapes your body.

What are the healthy foods that can be consumed in winters?

There are several varieties of food, fruits, and vegetables that are better to have during winters to stay fit and healthy. below are some winter foods in India:

• Dried fruits and nuts:

Dried fruits are quite nutritious and contain lots of micronutrients. It is best to have it with your morning breakfast to keep your body warm for the entire day. You can add some almonds and raisin into your regular warm milk and oats to make it interesting and healthy.

• Pepper, fenugreek and hing:

India is known for its wide variety of spices and so its food is quite rich and favourable. Some well-known spices are asafetida (hing), cumin seeds, fenugreek, mustard, black pepper, dill seeds, etc. Add dry fenugreek, pepper, and hing into your dishes not only adds flavor to your dish and can warmth your body.

• Tulsi and ginger:

Did you know, Ayurveda has considered Tulsi as holy basil because of its various benefits? Tulsi is enriched with an anti-bacterial and anti-viral substance that keeps your body fit. Plus, adding ginger into tea can helps to take down your bad throat.

• Root and green leafy vegetables:

Vegetables such as green beans, onions, spinach, carrots, amaranth are enriched with nutrients like Vitamin C and beta-carotene. Such vegetables are enriched in vitamins and minerals and very beneficial for your overall health.

• Whole grain cereal and pulses:

Whole-grain cereal such as pearl millets, millets, maize, barley, ragi can be added to the roti and have it with pickles to add some flavour and enjoy your winter food. Pulse like Moong daal contains protein which is very advantageous for your wellness.

• Ghee:

Ghee contains good fat that cuts off unhealthy fats into your body. But do not consume it too much as consuming too much of ghee can be dangerous. Consuming just one spoon is just enough to gain advantages such as a slim body and glowing skin.

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