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Holi 2022: Follow These Tips To Keep Holi Hangover At Bay

Holi this year falls on 18 March and people are already excited for the grand celebration with full madness. Read to know the tips to keep Holi hangover at bay.

Holi 2022: Follow These Tips To Keep Holi Hangover At Bay

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The festival of colours has arrived and after a long gap of the covid pandemic, people across the country are getting ready for the grand celebration of Holi this year which will be free by covid restrictions.

Colours and water become an integral part of Holi every year but in addition to this Bhang, the intoxicating drink is also much common during the Holi celebration.

Bhang is the special drink of the festival that is made with the help of leaves, buds and flowers of the female cannabis plant which is added in milk along with the mixture of almonds, saffron, cardamom and sugar.

Bhang adds more energy and boosts up the celebration of Holi but one must be careful in consuming it too much as it is an intoxicating drink.

Those people who had issues related to low or high blood pressure must totally avoid bhang and the drink is also harmful to heart patients.

People often get tired after the celebration and it takes a lot of time for them to cure the hangover but there are certain methods through which it is cured easily.

Bhang must be drunk by people cautiously otherwise it may cause serious illness so here are some tips to consume the intoxicating drink cautiously.

1. Keep your stomach full before drinking bhang: It is very important that you keep your stomach full before consuming alcohol or any other intoxicating drink because an empty stomach and in such situations may lead to serious health issues like vomiting, headache and nausea.

2. Keep your body hydrated: When you are about to drink bhang you must keep in mind that your body is hydrated to avoid a lack of water in the body. One must drink enough water or other liquids so that dehydration doesn't occur in the condition when you're intoxicated. If the body loses water you might feel dizziness so drink fruit juices or other juices.

3. Avoid standing in the sun for long: After getting intoxicated with bhang you need to avoid standing in the sun as it may result in dehydration and you might faint.

4. Don't mix bhang with alcohol: People often mix bhang with alcohol to get more kick in the celebration but this is very dangerous to one's health.

5. Lemonade and Jal Jeera: The juice made with the natural ingredients of lemonade and jaljeera can prove to be much helpful in reducing the hangover after the made is over.

6. Warm water shower and sound sleep: After the end of the celebration you need to take extra care of your health which includes sound sleep and a warm water shower that relaxes your mind and body curing the body aches and headaches.

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