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Here's how to make a perfect cup of coffee

Know some tips and tricks on how to make a perfect cup of Joe. Read this article to be an expert in it.

How to make a perfect coffee?

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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  17 Dec 2020 9:13 AM GMT

Are you a huge fan of caffeine and craving for a perfect type of coffee every morning? Then you can just prepare it all on your own. A single cup of Joe can be quite refreshing and gives your mood a sudden spark with just one sip of it. So why wasting a few bucks for some refreshing and classic sip of coffee when you can just make it at home? This article presents you with the best way make coffee which is quite satisfying and delicious.

How to make coffee?

Actually, there exist 3 best way to brew coffee at home. The most well-known is the classic drip coffee machine, pour-over is also quite famous to make at home and thirdly, the French press is a quite simple process.

• Classic drip coffee
• Pour-over
• French- press

Pour-over method:

For a delicious and redolent cup of coffee, the pour-over coffee maker is the best.


• First of all boil fresh water into a kettle

• If you are using the whole beans then just grind it.

• Then place a filter paper into the brewer and cleanse it gradually with hot water so that it removes any kind of papery smell and also it keeps the coffee hot for more time. Then throw the rinsed water.

• Now pour the ground coffee into the filter with a certain level. Pour the hot water with min 205°F steadily in a circular motion and don't let the coffee drip outside. This process is known as the blooming process which helps the coffee to de-gas.

• Gradually start pouring the extra water. This is going to take around three to four minutes. Remove the filter carefully and enjoy the pour-over coffee.

French press

The French press coffee is quite popular and it provides you with quite refreshing coffee.


• First of all boil fresh water into a kettle

• If you are using the whole beans then just grind it.

• Now add the ground beans into the coffee press

• Pour the hot water into the French press and stir constantly

• It would take about four minutes to brew, and then gradually immerse the press to separate the remaining grounds into the coffee.

• Immediately pour it into a separate cup and enjoy

Classic drip:

The classic drip coffee maker process is quite simple and quick. It is quite suitable for hectic mornings and if you are in hurry for office or anywhere.

• Firstly grind the beans and add them into a filter paper placed into the drip machine.

• Pour fresh water right at the back of the machine and press ON

• Then once the coffee is brewed, just turn OFF.

Your drip machine needs cleaning every once a month to withdraw any leftover in it.

Tips for preparing fresh coffee:

Here are some tips before you begin to make the perfect Joe for yourself:

1. Firstly, of course, you need to get some fresh coffee which is properly roasted.

2. Keep your coffee beans in the right place. It needs to be stored in an air-tight container and do not refrigerate.

3. Use spring water to make coffee because it is important to bring the flavor into it.

4. Grind the beans into fine consistency; you can do it yourself.

5. Do not use cheap filters. Opt for dioxin-free paper filters to get a better brew.

6. Make sure to keep the entire coffee maker materials clean to withdraw any oily leftovers.

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