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How to Do Squats Properly? Why It Matters & Its Benefits?

Learn some proper ways to do Squat

Learn some proper ways to Squat

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While doing squat, does multiple questions run into your mind? Like "Am I doing a perfect squat?", "Am I placing my feet at the right position?" "How far your hips must get down?" etc.

In this article, you'll get to know the right ways to do squats and the advantages of doing it.

Why Squatting Matter?

Squat helps in weight loss. If you aren't doing squat, then you must because this exercise provides you with lots of advantages.

Here are some advantages of doing squat:

• It builds your muscles: Doing squat will help in your muscle growth and will ton your legs.

• It will give a shape to your butt and abs: If you need a bigger butt then start doing squat as it will shape your butt and grow it bigger. It also helps in strengthening and toning your abs.

• Squat burns your fats: Squat is effective in burning more calories.

• Squat will amend your balance and power of mobility. Doing squat will make your legs stronger which will amend your mobility and balance.

• Improves your digestive system: Doing squat will help in the easy flow of body fluid which will remove waste from your body. Hence, it will improve your digestive system.

• This exercise is completely time efficient.

• Squat prevents injuries if anyone is having knee issues

• No expansive and fancy types of equipment required

• This will train you to lift up heavy kinds of stuff using your lower body.

Ways of Doing Squatting Exercise

Here are the basics of squatting exercise...

• Stand with your feet wider.

• Bent your hips facing your knees forward

• Sit quarterly with toes and heels on the floor with chest straight and shoulder backward.

• Bent your knees at a 90-degree angle

Here is the step by step right ways to do squat:

Step 1: Stand straight with feet wide apart, wider than the hips and place you hands on your hip

Step 2: Now gently push your shoulder backward and lift your chest.

Step 3: Now slowly bend down your knees with your upper body straight

Step 4: Now lower your hips by slightly leaning your upper body forward as if sitting on a chair. Make sure your shoulder should be backward with chest lift up. Bend both the elbows like joining palms. Don't put your knees to go too ahead.

Step 5: Now slowly strengthen both the legs and do not lock your knees and lift yourself up to be at the starting position.

Step 6: Now repeat the process for ten to fifteen reps.

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