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Meghalaya, a nature's paradise: Some hidden gems you must visit

Meghalaya is a true heaven on earth. It is a home for the clouds. Read on to know some of the hidden attractions of this picturesque Northeastern state

Natures paradise Meghalaya: Some hidden gems you must visit

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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  14 Dec 2020 8:33 AM GMT

Meghalaya is one of the most mesmerizing places in the Northeast; a place you'll definitely fall for. In this place, the ultimate heaven lies in its truest sense. The Sanskrit meaning of the term Meghalaya is an 'abode to the clouds' and it is quite apt. The clouds reside in this beautiful place. The heavenly state is filled with its untouched natural beauty, rivers clear as crystal, pine-covered hills, waterfalls, majestic forests covered in greens, and what not. Its scenic beauty would be just a satisfying treat to your eyes.

Meghalaya is not just the home for its beautiful flora and fauna but is also the home for the Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia tribes with their rich cultural heritage and traditions. Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is equally enchanting with its phenomenal beauty and is aesthetically unique. It is aptly referred to as the 'Scotland of the East'.

The climate and atmosphere are quite suitable and pleasant so you can visit any time of the year. You must undoubtedly visit this state to witness all the heavenly attractions and natural beauties of this place. So, what are you waiting for? Christmas is just knocking on the doors and it would indeed be the perfect time to visit.

This place possesses several hidden attractions that still remained unexplored and untapped. But don't worry. This article is going to provide you with those hidden gems and all the best and must-visit places to explore in Meghalaya.

Some must-visit places in Meghalaya on Christmas:

Kongthong village: Konthong village is just 55 km from Shillong and is quite beautiful. The people of this village have quite an interesting tradition of addressing others with a whistle. Isn't this amazing?

Kongthong village

Nohwet village: Nohwet village is filled with plenty of attractive places with wonderful streams and waterfalls and is certainly the most aesthetic destination in Meghalaya. This village is situated adjacent to Mawlynnong village. The Jingmaham living root bridge is in this place. The bamboo kingdom in Nohwet is an interesting viewpoint created with bamboos where one can have a great time viewing the scenic beauty of this village.

Nohwet village

Nongbareh: Nongbareh is situated near Kudengrim and is known for its unexplored caves and waterfalls. One of the amazing caves of this place is the Am-Their cave (Am-chrai) which is blanketed with fishes in the water. Nongbareh is popularly known for an ancient living root bridge which has a root-made gate like pattern in the entry point. It is famously known as a community fishing point.


Mawryngkhang trek: Mawryngkhang trek is placed in Wahkhen village in Pynursla tehsil. If you are an adventure person, then this is the place for you. You can have thrilling and adventurous experiences on this trek in Meghalaya. While passing the trail one can enjoy clear natural pools covered with blues. Some amazing waterfalls and the whole view of the valley can also be seen.

Mawryngkhang trek

Double-decker root bridge: It is one of the most renowned man-made and natural root bridges in Cherrapungi. It was created by the Khasi tribe. This double-decker root bridge is entangled with two bridges stacked on top of each other. People say that the oldest bridges are over 500 years old.

Double decker root bridge

Some beautiful waterfalls in Meghalaya:

Phe Phe falls: The phe phe waterfall or the phea phea falls being the tallest fall in Meghalaya and it's two-tired. It is situated just 20km away from jowai in Meghalaya. This fall is just outstandingly beautiful.

Phe Phe falls

Elephant falls: This fall is quite a famous three-tier fall in Meghalaya which is placed nearby Shillong peak. This fall has another local name known as 'ka Kshaid lai pateng Khohsiew' (3 step waterfalls). It is located amidst the dense forest and turns more wonderful right after the monsoons.

Elephant falls

Mawsmai falls: It is also known as Nohsngithiang Falls is a cascade with seven steps is quite an amazing waterfall in Meghalaya. The fall slides down of the Khasi hills making it the tallest fall in India. It is blanketed with lushy green forest and the beauty is indeed awestruck.

Mawsmai falls

Kynrem fall: This fall is situated near Cherrapunji is the seventh-highest three-tier falls in India. It has a local name as 'Khoh Ramhah or Mothorp' covered with green forest and fascinating beauty.

Kynrem fall

Nohkalikai Falls: This fall is situated near Cherrapunji and is the highest waterfall in India. It also has a special feature of changing color, turning green in summers and blur in winters. Right on top of it, a gallery is there to view so that one can enjoy the entire scenic beauty of the waterfall and the plunge pool down there.

Nohkalikai Falls

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