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How to choose the right denim

Jeans are a staple in every person’s wardrobe. They can be dressed up for a fancy look or be dressed down for a casual, stress-free look. Jeans also...


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June- the Pride Month: Assam too celebrates

“Love Simon” hit the box office on 16 March, 2018 with the tweet, “He’s done keeping his story straight” giving the “Pride” movement and the queer community a...


Heal through Yoga, The Natural Way

Look around the world, and you will realize that Yoga is everywhere. A form of physical exercise based on ‘Asanas,’ Yoga promotes improved control of mind and...


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Mental illnesses are no longer topics to be talked behind closed doors. With celebrities like Deepika Padukone coming upfront and television series like 13...


Gaming is an addiction, declares WHO

No one even thought that gaming would be a mental disorder until today. Although, the mental health experts have been warning us about the harmful effects of...