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Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Having dark circles can be very annoying and can make you look dull and older. Read this article to know about certain remedies to remove dark circles.

Remedies to get rid of dark circles

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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  4 Jan 2021 3:36 PM GMT

Under-eye dark circles:

Dark circles are very prevalent among both men and women. Sometimes, it gets tougher to recover it and could make your appearance seems dull and much older. It can happen to anyone but mostly very usual in:

Older people

Genetic predispositions

Those who have a dark skin tone

However, there exist several other factors for developing dark circles. They are mentioned below:

1. Fatigue: Fatigue, excess sleeping, Sleep deprivation are the various factors that can be responsible for the development of darkened skin under the eye.

2. Aging: As you age, the skin tends to get thinner and it slows down the collagen production that balances the skin elasticity. With this, the dark blood vessels under the eyes start showing up causing dark circles.

3. Eye strain: Sometimes constantly keeping your eyes stable looking at the computer screen or mobile can have intense straining on the eyes. This leads to darkening the skin beneath the eyes.

4. Allergies: When your body reacts upon any allergic reaction, it releases histamine that causes several discomforts along with dark blood vessels to be more seeable under the eyes. An allergic response can also increase the tendency of itching, scratching or rubbing the eye which results in inflammation, broken blood vessels, and swelling which can cause dark circles.

5. Dehydrations: Dehydrated system can also lead to dark circles. If you don't drink sufficient water, the under-eye skin tends to look more dull and sunken which results in the development of dark circles.

6. Overexposure to sun: if you expose yourself to the sun excessively, the body leads to the production of over melanin, and too much pigmentation can darken the skin.

7. Genetics: Genetics can also be responsible for having dark circles. You could have it since your childhood and can grow even darker as you age and can gradually vanish.


Below-mentioned is some techniques that one could flow at home to eliminate dark circles.

Get sufficient sleep: Every human being needs to get adequate sleep to charge their body and get a healthy life. Deficient of sleep might get you to appear more dull and tired for the whole day and you won't feel productive at all. Dark circles look more seeable to those who are deprived of enough sleep. Eight to ten hours of sleep is mandatory for healthy immunity.

Ice cubes: Cold compression helps in the reduction of swelling and puffiness of eyes, thus reducing dark circles. Just wrap some ice cubes into a clean cloth and apply compression under your eyes or you could also use a cold damp cloth for compression for at least twenty minutes to get fruitful results.

Use pillow while sleeping: Always slightly lift up your head with some pillow so that the fluid doesn't pool up which could make eyes swollen and puffy.

Limit exposure to sun: Excessive exposure to sun can do worst to your skin and accelerate the appearance of dark circles. Always use hats, sun-screens, sunglasses whenever you go out.

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