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Some amazing picnic games for kids

These picnic games are quite fun and exciting for your kids. Read this article to get some ideas about some interesting picnic games for kids.

Some amazing picnic games for kids

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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  19 Dec 2020 1:47 PM GMT

Are you planning for a picnic with your kids? Then this article is definitely for you. Pleasant weather, good foods, interesting company, and of course, fun and exciting games is what defines a perfect picnic. Plus, this end of the year is quite an accurate time to plan for a picnic with your kids and family. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading this article to get some idea about some fun and exciting games for your kids to spend some quality time and they will surely love to play.

Some happening picnic games for kids:

Red-light, green light: This game is actually alike the statue game. Did you remember how you used to keep shouting statues to everyone in your childhood and everyone just freeze? This game is just the same.

So, you have to select a player who will be the traffic cop, and the rest must get scattered everywhere. When the traffic cop shouts 'red-light', all the participants need to be a statue. And when he or she shouts 'green light', everyone must be on move. Anyone who violates the traffic norms is eliminated.

Wheelbarrow race: This game is quite a popular baby picnic games. Make sure you advise them to play into a smooth surface.

You just need to divide all players into two; one needs to drive and the other one is wheelbarrow. The driver needs to hold the ankle of the one who is being the wheelbarrow and the wheelbarrow has to move on both hands. The team, who reaches the finish line fast, wins.

I spy: This game is like hide and seek with a different name. Hide and seek is just a quite well-known game which is liked by people of all ages.

So one player must be the spy who will be counting till ten or twenty with eyes closed while the other participants have to rush to search for a spot to hide. The spy needs to find all the players, and that's it.

Trampoline: You will just need a trampoline when your kids will enjoy jumping and bouncing on it.

Okay so let's add a twist to it. The player who falls first will be eliminated and the one standing still till the last wins.

Musical chair: Musical chair would be the best school picnic game. It is quite interesting and fun. Of course, you'll just need some chairs.

Just set up all the chairs into a round shape facing outside and ask all the children to stand in the same way. Just remove one chair of the total player. Start the music and the children need to run around the chair. As soon as the music stops, all players need to sit quickly on the chair nearby. The one who didn't get a chair is eliminated. As the game goes on, a chair needs to be removed one at a time. And finally, in the end, a player who is left with a chair is the winner.

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