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Tinted window cleaning tips; Step by Step

Wondering how to clean tinted car window? Read this article to know the following steps and what to use to wash tinted car windows.

Tinted window cleaning tips; Step by Step

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  |  2021-02-26T16:36:01+05:30

If you are thinking of buying window films for your car, home or office then it is obvious that you want the best one and durable. Thankfully, there are certain steps that help in increasing the longevity of the window film and make your window looks better for years.

You need to follow the basic steps to clean the windows. First of all, you must wait for at least seven to thirty days to cure the window tint prior to cleaning. While cleaning, always go for a cotton cloth or a rubber squeegee. You could also use cleaner distinctly made for window films. You must not clean with products with ammonia or rough chemicals rather use soapy water.

To clean, lightly mist the cleaner of any choice and then wipe it with a clean, soft microfiber or cotton cloth. Turn the cloth regularly to present a clean surface. Once wiped clean, spray again and use a soft rubber squeegee to stroke the glass until it's dry, moving horizontally from top to bottom. If there is any cleaner residue on the borders of the window, towel it off. If the window has any residual glue or adhesive from items that were taped to it, use a cotton cloth dabbed with acetone to remove it. Acetone won't hurt the film but will quickly remove the adhesive. Wipe clean after removing the residue.

Things to use to clean tinted car windows:

If you are thinking about what things are needed to clean tinted car windows then use just water or a mild cleaner. Don't use products that contain ammonia since it can ruin the window tint and lead to discolouring. Do not scrub harshly or use a rough cleaner. If the window is not very dirty then go for a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth with water.

Tinted window cleaning tips:

Below are the tips to clean tinted window:

• The tinted film must not be damaged.

• Clean with warm water with a few drops of dish soap.

• Clean with a soft microfiber cloth to wipe with a single direction.

While cleaning doesn't touch the edges otherwise it may start peeling off. Use soft cotton fabric instead of paper towels.

Steps to clean tinted car windows:

1. Park the card under the shades

2. Open the doors and check heavily soiled portions.

3. With a soft cloth wipe the windows with an ammonia-free cleaner.

4. With a small squeegee, wipe out the extra liquid from top to bottom.

5. Don't wipe over the edges.

Once completing the steps, just walk around to see if there are no streaks. Move the car into the sunrays and sit back inside to see whether the entire cleaning residue is cleaned from the glass. Lastly, go for a drive and enjoy the clear view from the spotless tinted windows.

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