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What is Confirmation Bias? Find out here

Confirmation Bias occurs from the direct influence of desire on beliefs.

What is Confirmation Bias?

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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  26 Nov 2020 1:36 PM GMT

People are inclined to believe the things which they want to believe. Confirmation bias is a psychological tendency of processing information through self-assumptions and considering those beliefs to be correct. This issue stops an individual to gather further information because of the probable information they have in hand, they consider it to be true.

According to philosophers, it is tough for people to interpret the information as being unbiased and rational once they create an opinion by their own.

Why people are liable to confirmation bias?

• Because it's an easy way to interpret information

• People are confined to interpret information as per their own viewpoint.

• They need quick processing of information to stay away from harm

• They need to take care of their self-esteem. If their beliefs turn out to be incorrect, it can lower their self-esteem.

• Another reason why people are liable to confirmation bias is because of accuracy. If the information turned out to be inaccurate it would suggest that they lack intelligence.

In the case of decision-making, people tend to pay attention to that information that adheres to their own beliefs. Information that contradicts their beliefs is given little attention and consideration. Generally, people are not motivated to generate information that conflicts with their beliefs.

Confirmation bias is also open to people to look for positive representation. For example, if a group of people is in support of a particular individual of a party during elections, they tend to showcase all the plus side of that individual because they have already made an opinion that the candidate is fit to win.

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