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While Working from Home Sitting Right is Important, Here is What Experts Say

Working from home has become a new normal for us now. However, staying indoors and working for hours can cause various physical strain and stresses. Experts guide people to manage these at home.

While Working from Home Sitting Right is Important, Here is What Experts Say

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  11 May 2021 1:10 PM GMT

The work from home culture is new but has very much become a part of our lives while we continue maintaining social distance. Long working hours and wrong postures result in stiff neck, sore back, headaches, and more. Sitting in one position for hours can have adverse effects on our health and ends up giving us a stiff body. Maintaining a good posture is essential not just to achieve a good physique but also to avoid injuries. Along with this, working on our electronic devices for long hours not only affects our body but also our eyes, and problems like teary eyes, redness, and itchiness, hazy eyesight are quite common.

While working from home many of us tend to adjust and change our positions from the couch to the bed, and other spots in the house according to our comfort zones. This can lead to abrupt headaches, back pains, etc as we avoid maintaining one posture while sitting Infront of our devices.

Experts have suggested that people should get up and take short breaks in between and move the body. It can be in the form of a brisk walk, minimal exercises, stretching in between the working hours, etc. One should always work with proper support on the back to avoid spinal injuries, disc problems, soreness of the back, and other related problems.


Experts have suggested some minimal changes one can make while working from home:

  1. Working on the computer while sitting on the bed or laying on the couch should be avoided.
  2. Working on a desk or table is recommended to maintain good posture.
  3. While sitting and working the head should be above the shoulders and hips.
  4. It is also important to sit on a good chair with support as that helps us maintain the posture for long hours.
  5. The arms should be placed not too high or low and the feet should be supported on the ground or footstool and the elbows should be placed at 90 degrees approximately.
  6. One should sit in a straight position where the body is not leaning to any side.
  7. While sitting the knees should be slightly above the hips or of the same height of the hips.
  8. The position of the head should be of an arm's length from the device screen.

These are some changes one can make if they have noticed the sudden backaches and headaches and sore muscles. People can also do a few exercises at home to avoid physical stress. Experts have recommended some specific exercises that can help us avoid the pains and woes of working from home. Some of these exercises are chin tucks, thoracic extension, corner pec stretch, hip stretch, wall posture exercise.

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