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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of Vedic origin that deals with proper construction of a house. Same rules are applicable for business establishments, religious structures, factories, godowns , hospitals, educational institutions etc.


Initially, people observed the effects of natural forces on them and laid down the vaastu rules accordingly. The effects of sunlight, air, cosmic forces and the earth's magnetic field are some of the factors taken into consideration while formulating the vaastu rules.

For example, it was seen that the early morning sunrays are very good for living beings while the afternoon sunrays are too potent and can be harmful. It is scientifically found that early morning sunrays contain UV rays which is essential for the creation of Vitamin D in the body. These rays can kill lot of bacteria and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Morning sunrays increase oxygen level in the blood and can ease depression. The afternoon sunlight has lot of Infra Red rays of short wavelength which can be harmful and even cause skin problems. So they should be blocked by heavy structures or trees.

KEEP heavy objects, tall trees, structures at South, West and southwest. On the contrary, the east, North and Northeast should be kept open, lighter and lower

So Vaastu says that a house should be designed in such a way that it receives maximum sunlight in the morning and minimum in the afternoon. Houses having more open areas in the east are benefitted . During the Northward movement of sun i.e. Uttarayana , the sun moves from east to west along the northern sky. So it is essential to have more open or vacant space at north also. If the morning sunlight gets reflected from water bodies, the health benefits are doubled as the sunlight gets polarized. So it is desirable to have water bodies like wells, underground water tanks, ponds, rivers etc at East and north. The effects are reversed if there are water bodies at South, west or southwest as the reflected sunrays impart bad results.

So DO NOT keep water bodies like well, underground tank, pond, septic tank etc at west , north or south.

The earth's magnetic field runs from North to south. The bio-magnetic field of the human body also runs from north to south i.e. from the Head to feet. If the same poles of two magnets are kept together, they will repel. Similarly, if we sleep with our heads to north, there will be repulsion of the magnetic field of the earth and our body resulting in problems of blood circulation, loss of sleep, anxiety etc. So Vaastu advocates that one should always sleep with the head to south so that our magnetic fields are in harmony with the earth energy. The north is the source of negative energy and the south is the source of positive energy. So it is better to sleep in the southern and western part of the house. That is why bedrooms are better located at southwest, south and west.

The energy of the east is mellow and spiritual in nature. It has more positive effects on the brain. So worship , study and meditation should be done facing east. The north is also good for these purposes but since the potency is more, this direction is better suited for business, work, transactions etc. No work, studies, cooking, eating should be done facing south or west.

Q.1 I have heard about Vaastu Shastra only recently but I find it quite interesting. Can you tell me about it?

B.K.Goswami, Nalbari

Ans:- If you can , get hold of the earlier issues of Melange. But I am providing you some of the salient points and tips on Vaastu Shastra in general.

Q.2. I live in R.G.Baruah Road in a bye lane which is facing the north. We are facing several natural calamities like water logging, shortage of drinking water etc. in our area. Does vaastu have anything to sya on this?

Name With held on request.

Ans. Water logging and shortage of drinking water are man made problems faced by Guwahatians due to lack of proper planning, haphazard construction and utter lack of civic sense.

The entire stretch of R G Baruah Road from Chandmari to the State Zoo runs from north to south from where the road bends a bit towards the southeast till Ganeshguri crossing. The Refinery drain joins the road at Zoo Narengi crossing and flows towards south and joins the Bharalu river. But the drain continues towards the Sundarpur area and joins the Bahini river of Hengerabari. This wrong direction of flow of the rainwater through this drain and ultimately the Bharalu river i.e. from North to South and from East to west has been the woes of Guwahatians residing in this area. Vaastu always says that water MUST flow from South to North or from west to east or northeast for all round prosperity and wellness. Water bodies at West and South are bad.

So the inhabitants and business establishments on the eastern bank of this drain and on the northern bank of the river must be extra careful while constructing their houses/shops. They would do well to cut off the drain area with the help of vaastu pyramids and mirrors. A shani Yantra will help. People on the northern side of the Bharalu river should install a Mangal Yantra.

The main entrances towards the eastern side of the drain should be from the middle of West or from the northern side of west. They must dig their wells and borewells in the northeast, north or east only.

There are several byae lanes going eastwards from the main road. These will have houses on the northern side as well as on the southern side. The houses on the southern side can have their main gate exclusively at North or northeast. The houses on the northern side can have their main gate exclusively at South or Southeast. There are some corner plots which have roads/lanes at North, east, south or west. North eastern plots are supposed to be best provided other vaastu aspects are followed. Southwestern plots are good for business and businessmen.

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