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Bihu Recipes

Bihu Recipes

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Jyoti Das

Bohag is the time when the spirit of love and joy surrounds us. This is the time bonhomie pervades the air and environment. It is also the time of preparing Bihu delicacies and laying out beautifully on the tables, the traditional bihu pithas for your near and dear ones and, of course, honoured Bihu guests.



Sticky Rice : 500 gms

Black Sesame : 200 gms

Groundnut: 30 gms

Grated jaggery: 400 gms

Freshly grounded pepper: 1 tsps

Chopped dry orange peel: 1 tsp



Soak the rice for 3 hours.

Drain well and pound it to a fine powder.

Sieve twice with a fine sieve.

Keep in an airtight container in a compact condition.

Clean and wash the sesame. Drain well.

Dry well and stirfry in small portion upon medium heat.

When it starts to crackle, remove from fire.

Pound coarsely while hot.

When cool add the grated jaggery, black pepper and orange rind.

In a small wok dry fry the groundnuts.

When done cool and remove the red peel.

Coarsely ground it and mix with the sesame.

Heat a thick griddle.

Take a handfull of rice powder and spread thinly.

Sprinkle well the sesame mixture and give desired shape.

Keep aside for awhile and turn once so that the pithas are crisp.

Clean the griddle with a clean cloth.

Repeat the process till all the pithas are done.

Serve warm with a cup of tea.



Rice powder: 1 cup

Maida: 1 cup

Grated coconut: 1 cup

Sugar: 3 tbsps

Sugar : to caramalise the pithas

Lemon rind: ½ tsp

Oil: as required

Warm water: to knead the dough


Mix the rice flour and maida well.

Add 2 tbsps of oil and mix.

Add warm water and make a fine dough.

Cover and keep aside for ½ an hour.

Mix the sugar with grated coconut and stir upon medium heat.

Stir the mixture adding the lemon rind.

When the coconut starts to leave the sides switch off the gas. Cool.

Make puri size balls of the dough.

Roll out each ball into thin puris.

Fill and give the shape of a half moon.

Heat oil in a karai and deep fry 2 at a time upon medium heat.

Turn both side and fry till brown in colour.

Caramalise sugar in oil at another karai.

Give a coat to each pitha.

Serve warm with tea or coffee.




Sticky rice: 1 cup

Joha rice: 1 cup

Grated Jaggery: ½ cup

Fennel seeds: ½ tsp

Salt: ½ tsp level

Mustard oil: for deep frying


Soak both the rice together for 2 hours.

Drain well and spread over a clean cloth .

After 2 hours pound the rice and seive.

Make a smooth paste of the jaggery with 3 tbsps of water.

Add the rice powder and mix well.

Also add salt and fennel seeds.

Keep covered for 6-8 hours at a warm place.

Heat plenty of oil in a small karai upon medium heat.

With a spoon drop batter to the hot oil.

Fry the tel pithas one at a time till golden brown.

Relish it warm or cool with a hot cup of tea.

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