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We are living in a sea of energy. When we move inside a house, the energy pattern becomes different than that of an open area due to many factors. Some energy may be distorted causing negative effects. There may be different types of energy, like emotional energy, psychic energy, radiation energy because of electromagnetic waves, etc.

These energy vibrations affect us consciously or unconsciously. Colours have different energy wavelengths and their effects are different too. If we sleep on a bed with pink bed sheets or green bed sheets, their effect on us will be different. Different furnishings impart different effects. The red colour gives a solid rooted sense to a person and allows them additional grounding. The yellow colour will offer a more expanded and unlimited flow of sensory thoughts.

The emotional energy is the result of our thought process. We send energy signals through our thoughts. Due to emotional outbursts, there may be a pool of negative energy in the house which affects all the members, especially children and weaker persons. So it is important to clear your house once a month with salt and water which will absorb the extra emotional vibrations. There are many other methods of space cleansing which have been discussed in the earlier articles of The melange.

Psychic energy is another form of energy vibration that exists in a home. The existence of the Hartmanns grid or energy pattern is evident everywhere. Geopathic stress is a major cause of psychic energy. There are experts who can do the grid mapping of a home and its energy fields. Reflectors like copper rods are put in the nodal points which are harmful to us.

Electromagnetic radiations can come from an electrical gadget like a computer or even cell phones. These vibrations are extremely unhealthy. The electromagnetic field from these devices causes ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. These devices emit frequency that causes the breakdown of the natural chemical bonds in our bodies.

Due to the presence of negative energies, it is important that we dispel them and start attracting positive energy. Vaastu has advised several methods by which we can attract positive energy. It tells us to stay as close to nature as we can. We should fill our surroundings with natural elements like plants and trees as per Vaastu guidelines.

We all get feelings of joy and ecstasy whenever we visit a scenic place. We should try to convert our home with natural decorations like bamboo, wood, or wicker, and use stones and rocks for texture. The house should be filled with natural light, having open windows and doors to let fresh air inside, and having indoor plants. The walls should have paintings of nature with its serenity.

REMOVE CLUTTER: Clutter in the home restricts the flow of positive energy, and can result in cluttered thinking. To have feelings of calmness and relaxation, the house should be neat and tidy. Anything that is broken, unused, or brings back unhappy memories should be thrown away.

MEDITATION: Regular meditation harnesses positive energy, bringing powerful positive vibrations in the house. A meditative state of mind becomes much more powerful than it would otherwise be, making positive energy more powerful than negative energy. A proper meditation can counter negative energy for quite some time.

COLOURS: Colours play a big role in our homes. Black, though it looks stylish, can actually attract and hold negative energy if used in a large quantities. It is not possible or essential to remove all black items but there should be a balance. White is one of the best colours to attract positive energy. Actually white is the combination of all the seven natural colours. This makes the colour white very powerful. But too much of white will make it dull. Each colour has its own property and so they should be used as per their appropriate use.

THE KITCHEN: The Kitchen is the symbol of prosperity and should be ideally placed in the Southeast. Kitchen in the North or Northeast may bring financial and health problems. Remedial measures must be taken if there is a defect in the location of the kitchen.

MIRRORS: Mirrors reflect energy. So they should be kept in places where you want to increase energy flow. They should be used to reflect good things like food or money. Make sure that mirrors are not reflecting anything of low energy or negative items, like kitchen trash cans. As they can energize the room, mirrors are not suitable in the bedroom because they may disturb the sleep of the inmates. Constant reflection of the image of our bodies is not good for health.

THE FRONT DOOR: The front door is the main entry point of energy. A free and open entrance allows positive energy to flow into your home. Certain energisers can augment the flow of energy through the main door. Keep a red-flowering plant outside or put some red accent colours on or around your front door. Red attracts energy, fortune, and luck.

WATER BOWL: A bowl filled with water, flowers or lemon, kept facing the main door, is considered auspicious. Make sure to change the water regularly. A bowl filled with sea salts can absorb negative energy as salt is considered to be a symbol of purification. Sea salt is commonly used to get rid of negative energy and to allow balanced flow of energy inside the home. The sea salt is either used alone or mixed with water and placed in certain areas of the home. A bowl filled with sea salt should be kept facing the Northeast and South-West directions in an open pot. It is very useful for toilets located at the Northeast. A bowl half-filled with rock salt and water can also be kept in the hall. When the salt water becomes dirty, it indicates the existence of negative energy at home.

ENERGY CORRIDOR: If there are doors in a line i.e. at the front as well as at the back, the energy tends to run away. This runaway energy can be stopped by placing furniture or some other decorative object in or near the energy corridor. Hanging a wind chime or a crystal ball near one of the doors will also help.

POSITION OF FURNITURE: The position of furniture should be such that they are not blocking free passage through the room, as this is a reflection of the flowing of energy. People should be able to sit with their backs to a wall whenever possible.

Any house structures like walls, stairs, doors or windows that are broken or not working restrict the flow of positive energy. Repairs should be made as quickly as possible to allow the energy to flow freely again.

USE OF PERFUMES: Perfumes are wonderful items to bring positive energy into your space. Fill your home with the soothing aroma of incense and scented candles. You can also use scented oils to fill your home with your favorite scents. Cedarwood, citronella and cinnamon are all good for purifying the home. Lavender and eucalyptus are both good scents to promote healing and purification.

Burning of guggal can also purify the house. Try a variety of scents to find those that resonate best with your emotions. Now these days, electric room fresheners are available in the market. They are also useful.

PETS: It has been found after a study that pets are great stress relievers. A pet dog jumps with glee and runs to its master on his return from a long days work. Their warmth and playfulness can relax you. They are great company for the elderly and lonely people. Pets increase positivity quickly. However, certain caged animals like birds should not be kept in captivity at home.

CANDLES: Candles emit positive energy. In the West, candle light dinners are specially meant for love and romance. Red candles are recommended in the bathroom. Black candles serve to dissolve the negative energies. But black candles should always be burned with another colour in order to bring forth balance.

SOUND ENERGY: Sound energy is a physical form of energy that moves as a vibration through matter. Sound of a gentle rainfall, waves lapping the shore, an easy breeze through leaves and trees, and a burbling stream are really soothing and calming. You can have other items in your home in the form of a sound system, wind chimes, playing musical instruments, drumming, ringing bells, or singing to enhance your home's sound energy.

THOUGHT IS ENERGY: Positive thoughts will attract more of the same, but negative thought will attract negative energy. If we are constantly judging our own behaviour and indulging in self criticising, this negative energy form will then affect you and those around you. People, who have a positive attitude and thinking even during hardest of times, remain happy and are liked by all. So always sport a positive attitude.

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